Sunday, 21 May 2017

Brave's Battles: Last Stage

We are done, 5 stages have been played. And when all is said and done I end at 6-16. -10.

23 people were in this stage, too many for me to get the meta breakdown and well I didn't pay attention to top 8 either as my focus by then was shifted to Buddyfight as now I must prepare for that instead. Yep I'm done with cardfight for now. Not for good, but my season is over.

To sum up the day.
Lost to Royals due to a misplay on my part in the developing stages that ultimately sealed my fate. Might have won otherwise.
Finally beat bugs.
Then took three losses in a row to go 1-4 for the day.
Missing stride turns in all three of those game even though round 3 was a long game which allowed for midrange tactics to come into play- even so that was played around quite geniusly by the opponent (using a Blademaster Deck) playing 4 Vague in the G-Zone instead of the expected 2. That was a nice meta call.

Well I'm off for now.

Sorry it is short and detail non-existent but right now I do not have much time.

I will say this though, the venue should know better than to have a judge also playing in the tournament. That same judge making the finals when they already had a Bye card.