Monday, 29 May 2017

V-Talks: (Off-Topic) Budget, Formats, and Discord

I forgot to send the last post to social networking feeds it seems, whoops.

This is going to a general write up applicable to any game or hobby, simply sticking within your means.

You look around the TCG landscape and associated blogs aand boards you'll always see discussions about meta game and competitive play, but then look at the prices of those play environments and clearly they aren't for everyone, for one playing competitively isn't always affordable.

Now while I typically use GBP sterling when I quote prices due to being based in the UK this time around perhaps it is best to use US$ for my point.

Playing Pokemon standard competitively right now you're going to want to use Tapu Lele GX.
A card with a $33 market price on alongside this you're running Mew EX, which is Market Price of >$50 per sheet, (Though I think that card might be phasing out of Standard soon? I don't know the set rotation in Pokémon yet.)

With the most recent Mt:G expansion of Amonkhet, ok sure nothing is overly expensive with the most expensive in set card, Liliana, Death's Majesty only clocking in at $12.97 TCG Market Price but there's more than just Amonkhet in standard even so Magic's Starndard format has a low entry price compared to how it has been but it's still a fair amount of cash to enter competitively when you begin to add individual prices together.

Yu-Gi-Oh is having a rough transitional period as it moves towards what is being called Link Meta and it's hard to see what prices are going to be like when things stabilise but since the new mechanic of Link Summons is forced onto anyone still wishing to use extra deck gambit it it does mean that any good Links will be snapped up and in turn their prices rise up.

Vanguard, my own deck that I've build and updated over time, the current build values in at $400+ and it isn't among the best decks in the format, if you want those you have to go higher still. Even an entirely non viable casual deck right now can set you back $150+ depending on specific inclusion.

For that price you be playing a self contained card game plus ALL it's expansions. And don't even start me on the cost of building a Warhammer army.

My advice is simple, stick within your affordable means and additionally encourage your local game store to host formats that are affordable and welcoming for new players to a game like theme deck leagues in Pokemon, or sealed leagues in any TCG where such a format is functionally supportive. If you, or people you know want to get into a game or games but they can't afford the investment to stand up to veteran players then introduce formats that lowers everyone to fighting on the same playing field. It will prove to be more inclusive and possibly even prove to be more fun than what you may have been doing otherwise. Also if you can't afford to buy a board game for yourself make use of demo games that a store location may allow you to use while within the shop.

I wanted to say this to fill the silence between seasons and in the build up towards Huddersfield Weiss and Buddyfight and beyond that TFN2017 and the subsequent meet-up/indie tournament that takes place there.

Whilst I am here though I shall extend a hand to invite anyone interested to join me over in my own Discord space with a couple of the Brave's Buddies floating around there to.

No pictures involved in this post but really not needed either.
For now V-Out.

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Brave's Battles: Last Stage

We are done, 5 stages have been played. And when all is said and done I end at 6-16. -10.

23 people were in this stage, too many for me to get the meta breakdown and well I didn't pay attention to top 8 either as my focus by then was shifted to Buddyfight as now I must prepare for that instead. Yep I'm done with cardfight for now. Not for good, but my season is over.

To sum up the day.
Lost to Royals due to a misplay on my part in the developing stages that ultimately sealed my fate. Might have won otherwise.
Finally beat bugs.
Then took three losses in a row to go 1-4 for the day.
Missing stride turns in all three of those game even though round 3 was a long game which allowed for midrange tactics to come into play- even so that was played around quite geniusly by the opponent (using a Blademaster Deck) playing 4 Vague in the G-Zone instead of the expected 2. That was a nice meta call.

Well I'm off for now.

Sorry it is short and detail non-existent but right now I do not have much time.

I will say this though, the venue should know better than to have a judge also playing in the tournament. That same judge making the finals when they already had a Bye card.


Monday, 8 May 2017

Brave's Battles: New Build, Old Problems

After a month long break Stage 4 of the local Store Championships finally arrived, I needed to make top cut and probably even get to the finals or even win it to get my win ratio back into the black. I was 4-9 going in (-5) it was 4 rounds of swiss then top 8, I'd need a 3-1 to comfortably make top cut taking me to -3, so yeah I needed to win to break even on win ratio this time.

Swiss stars well, sort of- First Opponent is using Royal Paladin Brave. I miss first stride, even with Hawk it wasn't worth taking a stride with the hand I had, and this was also while having to ride Great Daiyusha. I do set up a Luarel board when I do eventually stride, after the opponent has used their first stride, Fides, via the typical Earth play. The Laurel misses the mark and is taken out on the next turn with Opponent's Brave's being active while building hand. My response to this hand was to try and hit the PG or No guard from a very large X-Lead, it worked out since opponent did indeed PG, but it was cancelled out thanks to Linka. This got me some momentum going and fueled my in hand resources. The following two turns after this were Phase 3 Maxons. This match went to time and to the end of the 3 turn rule without either player being defeated outright. Ultimately it came down to who had the most damage at the end of the 3 turns. 4 damage to 5 meant I won.

Round 2 - Luard
In a grind game Luard has the upper hand with a toolbox which I hadn't fully studied and wasn't prepared for. Opponent play pattern of Aurageyser, followed by Doomed doubled with Beliel Owl and Swordbreakers led to amassing a huge hand, big enough even that an attempted Break Ride Legion was no passed with ease even if all possible breaks occurred. This gambit having failed I held back my other attacks from swinging face to starve counterblasts, this didn't work because retiring Abyssal Owl ended up enabling a Spectral Blaster of which I couldn't block both times so I had to take the first swing. What I got was a triple crit in my face. Given those Owls kept filtering back to the deck though and the deck was slim I guess it isn't really a surprise.

Dark Irregular Darkness Blade Wings came next, opponent missed their ideal ride and a stride turn but the first stride they do score nets a triple critcal, an attack I couldn't guard because my only real option at the time was a Sentinel and he managed to ramp the soul high enough leading into the attack to lock that out.
1-2... feck.

Out of top 8 chance and not able to close the gap between my wins and losses.

To top it off last round SGD Blaster 16 crit. I didn't even stand a chance.

End score of 1-3

Sub Total 5-12 (-7)

There's now only one stage left and I am left unable to go into the green. I can get into black and make my win loss ratio over the 5 stages even but only if the final stage is atleast 4 swiss rounds and top 8 AND I win every round. With how things have gone for me this season thus far I don't see that happening.

Personal greivencies aside event deck breakdown

3 Luard
2 Robos
2 Angel Feather
2 Dark Irregular Blade Wing
2 Royal Paladin (1 Brave, 1 Blaster Sanctuary)
1 Gears
1 Tachikaze
1 Nightrose

1 Machining
1 Murakumo Magastu Hyakki

Top 8

Darkness Blade Wings

The Murakumo player used to be seen as the "joke" player, with his recent advances he's now on his way to being a serious contender. Good on you, mate. :)

It seems my down turn is balanced out by another rising star.