Sunday, 26 March 2017

Brave's Battles: The bonus stage

This week I entered a Buddyfight Shop Championship. You know my trend of negative win rates recently? Yeah it carries over to other games to but with Buddyfight I'm not as bothered because I don't as heavily invest in it as I do Cardifight.

It was a 13 person tournament of which I entered into with Zetta? Gemclone? I'm not sure which it count as more as it's really just a lightly modded Golden Buddy Champs deck.

In any case I win 1 match and that match I win through memes:

The opponent is Black Dragons, boy they sure do like milling their opponent's deck. Well that's ok with me when it makes my Fake Legion huge enough to perform an OTK from 17 to death.

After that I face Dragon World lose one game clean, second game I screwed up and we noticed a turn later resulting in irreparable game state. The mistake was I performed two Gem attempts in a turn without Zetta in item area after the first one was negated. This is an illegal move, it slipped my mind and opponent didn't call it out until my next turn came around at which point I created the initial situation so the ruling was a game loss taking me to 0-2 in that game.

Round 3 vs Executioners is a blank in my mind other than I recall it being annoying.

Round 4 sitting at 1-2 placed me against a meme deck running Mukuro as a buddy in a Dragon World deck and I wish I could remember more but I didn't take notes and I've been to sleep since then.

The main thing this weekend is TRINITY DRAGON came out and I had 8 boxes to open. I did this with CMP (why does formerly Kaiov, formerly Kaiser keep changing his tag, well I know the first one was because he lost the title of calling himself Kaiser to a member of The Dragonic Empire while that team was still active but still)

We opened 4 boxes each then played a best of three with decks built using just cards from each of the boxes we opened. I bought fresh sleeves for the very purpose of us doing this.

Red Sleeves and Blue Sleeves so an episode of RvB if you'd like. I guess now's also a good time to point out that KMC Hyper Mat is my go to sleeve for singles sleeves. If double sleeving because my first sleeve is an art sleeve then KMC Strong Hard is my go to.

I won't say who was who here I'll leave it for someone to guess but I'll show the decks and then who won and what the reason as to why.

Team Blue (Sorry about the white out in top left, it obscures a Psychic Bird and 4 Enigman Mistral):

Team Red (same problem in pictures as before but not as negatively impacting):
And having to use an extra sleeve as this G-Zone had 11 cards and there's only 60 sleeves to each pack.

Of these two Team Red won 2-1 with Blue Loosing twice by way of deck out.

In terms of overall pulls, note there was 8 boxes. The poor photos continue as I took all images at 3 AM when there is no light.

We get full play sets in Oracle Think Tank and Great Nature but not so in Dimension Police aside from Metalborg Guilt Digger so it you'll excuse me I'll be off I've got some trading and selling to do to try and complete my DP sets.

For the final word Laurel signs us off.