Sunday, 26 March 2017

Brave's Battles: The bonus stage

This week I entered a Buddyfight Shop Championship. You know my trend of negative win rates recently? Yeah it carries over to other games to but with Buddyfight I'm not as bothered because I don't as heavily invest in it as I do Cardifight.

It was a 13 person tournament of which I entered into with Zetta? Gemclone? I'm not sure which it count as more as it's really just a lightly modded Golden Buddy Champs deck.

In any case I win 1 match and that match I win through memes:

The opponent is Black Dragons, boy they sure do like milling their opponent's deck. Well that's ok with me when it makes my Fake Legion huge enough to perform an OTK from 17 to death.

After that I face Dragon World lose one game clean, second game I screwed up and we noticed a turn later resulting in irreparable game state. The mistake was I performed two Gem attempts in a turn without Zetta in item area after the first one was negated. This is an illegal move, it slipped my mind and opponent didn't call it out until my next turn came around at which point I created the initial situation so the ruling was a game loss taking me to 0-2 in that game.

Round 3 vs Executioners is a blank in my mind other than I recall it being annoying.

Round 4 sitting at 1-2 placed me against a meme deck running Mukuro as a buddy in a Dragon World deck and I wish I could remember more but I didn't take notes and I've been to sleep since then.

The main thing this weekend is TRINITY DRAGON came out and I had 8 boxes to open. I did this with CMP (why does formerly Kaiov, formerly Kaiser keep changing his tag, well I know the first one was because he lost the title of calling himself Kaiser to a member of The Dragonic Empire while that team was still active but still)

We opened 4 boxes each then played a best of three with decks built using just cards from each of the boxes we opened. I bought fresh sleeves for the very purpose of us doing this.

Red Sleeves and Blue Sleeves so an episode of RvB if you'd like. I guess now's also a good time to point out that KMC Hyper Mat is my go to sleeve for singles sleeves. If double sleeving because my first sleeve is an art sleeve then KMC Strong Hard is my go to.

I won't say who was who here I'll leave it for someone to guess but I'll show the decks and then who won and what the reason as to why.

Team Blue (Sorry about the white out in top left, it obscures a Psychic Bird and 4 Enigman Mistral):

Team Red (same problem in pictures as before but not as negatively impacting):
And having to use an extra sleeve as this G-Zone had 11 cards and there's only 60 sleeves to each pack.

Of these two Team Red won 2-1 with Blue Loosing twice by way of deck out.

In terms of overall pulls, note there was 8 boxes. The poor photos continue as I took all images at 3 AM when there is no light.

We get full play sets in Oracle Think Tank and Great Nature but not so in Dimension Police aside from Metalborg Guilt Digger so it you'll excuse me I'll be off I've got some trading and selling to do to try and complete my DP sets.

For the final word Laurel signs us off.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

V-Talks: Fighter's Collection Duo First Impression

I'm not doing a huge bulk of COTD entries so that tag would be wasteful. For the Fighter's Collection there's this pair of cards then one other entity that fall under my bracket.

Let's crack in to the duo, their pros and cons and what decks may or may not use them.

Saving Dolphin
[AUTO]: [Soul Blast 1] When you discard this card from your hand for the cost of Calling “Ocean Transformation, Atlantis Dolphin” from the G Zone, if you have 4 or less face-up cards in your Damage Zone, you can pay the cost. If you pay it, Counter Charge 1.

Ocean Transformation, Atlantis Dolphin
[AUTO] Generation Break 1: [Choose 1 face-down G Guardian from your G Zone, flip it face-up] During a battle in which your opponent’s Vanguard attacks, when this card is placed on (GC), you can pay the cost. If you pay it for each of your Rear-guards, during that battle, this unit gains Shield+5000, and if this Unit’s Shield is 30000 or more, Counter Charge 1/Soul Charge 1.

No Robos here, heck not even Cosmic Hero. Very perplexing, what we get though a sea Voltron.

I like the art and I do like the skills as keeping on top of fuel is never a bad thing. I can't be too optimistic though as rationally you won't use these in Robos. Cosmics and Metalborgs however do present a solid case. Mostly Cosmics.

Firstly. Robos is the Meta deck and it is a deck that can ignore these cards.
Between the pair it may be counter-charge two which would easily reload Daiearth for a second firing but the heal trigger lacks that all important archetype tag which you want to keep as much as as possible and given the current build is certainly using four spots up for Luarel and occasionally additional slots for Wilking and a non Robo Stand or Draw trigger you don't want to be dropping too many Robo cards from the deck. Furthermore Daiearth twice in a match is only really used when already against a bad match up that requires you maintain some board to be able to keep up. Most of the time the single time set up is all you require and after that you open fire with Kaiser and Maxon. Robos can now operate on tight counterblast usage quite happily so keeping fuelled isn't an urgency. And honestly if you NEED more than 6 counterblast in a game piloting Robos, things aren't going your way already. (That or you are mad and running the cross ride to which I say respect and fight the good fight.)

The Metalborg deck likes to bring Heavyduke to the skirmish, however he is quite a gas guzzler. As a deck this support will be very welcome there but do be aware of that relationship between the rearguards and G-Guard's shield value. Borgs aren't known for having a decent board if they even have one at all, frequently holding off from placing units into the game until going for the play but frankly if you've gone to duke you've made that play. The problem is pacing. You'd be in late game and your board probably isn't sticking around for long if your opponent is Gear Chronicle, Kagero or anything similar or with similar elements, heck even Granblue and Aqua Force will wash away your rears.

Which brings us over to Cosmic Heroes who are the one in most dire need of anything to get them over right now. Same issue with Rear survivability as Metalborgs but there is resist options to bring into tow if need be. Ignoring the problems faced by whatever the opponent is for a moment though. Cosmics will take anything they can get and that includes this new support being beneficial to them.

What I will say about this card duo, go ahead and use them- for anything other than Dimensional Robos.

Monday, 20 March 2017

Brave's Battles: Diamond is (NOT) unbreakable

Written Sunday 19th March

Third Shop Championship stage and the goal is further out of reach than ever.
Going into today with sub-total score of 3-6 (-3) and leaving with a sub-total of 4-9 (-5)

I can admit the fault lies with me but that isn't enough unless I actively avoid repeating the same mistakes and errors that proved so costly during the course of today.

Round 1 vs Shadow Paladin Luard
I am informed this was a 4 Grade 3 list. I needed to G-Assist for the Grade 1, in doing so I case away two of my four Daiearths and vs Shadows who have Diablos this is a major mistake. It came back to bite my after just one Carnivore, I needed my second Daiearth play to avoid losing but due to my earlier action evidently I did not.
Suggested action next time would be to drop Leon instead. If going into the back foot you need that recovery from Daiearth and when you do get that opening, take that one Leon shot and make it count. I should know this but rust takes time to scrape off and it seem I'm still recovering from my winter hibernation.

Round 2 vs Aqua Force Blue Wave
Same opponent who DESTROYED me when we met in stage 1. This time I get even. Their early game was not as prominent as it had been in the last encounter but  that wasn't the deciding factor. I was on 3 damage before grade 3 ride. I had first stride. Earth Laurel standard procedure. Opponent had 5 cards in hand, unlike last time where I attempted to snipe rear first. I just went face. Luarel went off, so to did critical checks, the two together were game. A chance driven result, not dictated by skill so I can't really take the credit, but I will take the point.

1 win, 1 loss, 2 more rounds to go.

I lose both of them.

Round 3 vs Megacolony Machining

Given what Diamond is missing the grade 3's when it counts more than normal really smarts but even so I made a mistake in allowing the opponent first stride chance, I should have stalled on Grade 2 took first stride for myself and put my reserves in place for if I missed a Grade 3 before allowing Machining Destroyer to come into play. Again rust and hindsight.

Round 4 vs Luard Diablo
Very close tight game I fell behind, got back in, fell behind got back in. Had a chance for a kill but doubted the drives and apparently doubt leads to death. Situation was needing 2 breaks for game. Check 1 break, check 2 crit. I mentally calculate the chance of getting the second break in the given situation and deem in unfavourable placing trigger buffs on a rearguard.
I score the second break. Luarel comes into play and vanguard Leon swings again. A stand trigger yields. The double trigger buffed rearguard Daibazooka attempts the last attack but is blocked.
For my hesitation and doubt the shadow player manages a response with Spectral Diablo first swinging for 50000, secondly for 63000. By the way I was at 5 damage at this point so this in mind, and the other attacks in the Shadow turn, I stood no chance. I went against the DP creed and failed to dedicate all in.

Final result 1-3.

At this point I need to top one of the remaining two stages to close the gap and work towards an at least break even total.

I was hoping to enter a sneak peak today to but that was unable to happen as kits never arrived, or more liekly were never ordered. That doesn't explain the missing bye card and certificate though.

That's my personal log segment for this done, now about the tournament as a whole.
There were 12 entrants and I have them all listed (clans only, not providing names) including top 4.

2x Gear Chronicle Time Leap
2x Shadow Paladin Luard Diablo

1x Aqua Force Blue Wave
1x Dark Irregular Blade Wings
1x Dimension Police Diamond
1x Granblue Nightrose
1x Link Joker Fozen Messiah

1x Megacolony Machining
1x Pale Moon Magia
1x Royal Paladin Brave

For top 4
Gear Chronicle Time Leap vs Granblue Nightrose
Rose won
Link Joker Frozen Messiah vs Pale Moon Magia

Messiah bought victory.

Which of course means the final goes down to Granblue vs Link Joker, a match that favours the former very heavily. Pirates did in the end win and honestly I'd only seen the guy before once, and that was at last week's shop championship.

I would like to say, giving credit where it is due, Escape Games, the venue is much cleaner than I remember, still a tip in parts and the game room's and the are bin looks like it needs clearing out more often. I can actually go there now though without concerns over mould, which is horrid on my chest. It' a positive.

In any case we're 4-9 (-5) down with two more stages to go but Crazy Diamond will not be joining me for those meetings, the deck's service is at an end and I will be converting back over towards pure archtypes. So the point of the title Crazy Diamond Quartz is being decommissioned and a new built with new cards will take over.

Decker out, it seems I need to practice, and not via Cardfight Area, that doesn't count it's not the same as in person.

P.S. I am salty I didn't get to do a sneak peak though, was looking forward to that.

Monday, 13 March 2017

Brave's Battles: Second Chance

BVD here,
Reporting in after Local Shop Championships Stage 2 of 5, this time was Game HQ and I remembered to list the clan base and top cut this time! Things are looking up!

I also came back with a negative win rate... and things fell down again.
Karmic justice would be the applicable phrase to mind as I took a Grade 1 Gold Rush.
It lost to Generation Break decks three times and that was the first 3 rounds out of 5. At 2 down I was already out of the top cut hopes, at 3 down I no longer had chance of positive win rate either.

Round 1 Angel Feather Rescue piloted by Fox managed to get a double heal during the course of the game and get out of kill zone.

Round 2 vs Gear Chronicle piloted by a long absent, but returning player, Brave Buddy Snake, (who I don't think I've either mentioned before) I lost due to my own fault and error. All on me can't be salty there.

Round 3 vs Pale Moon Magia I thought I had this one, had the ideal early game board and was allowed to maintain that, opponent focused on swinging face, good choice as knocking out my rears wouldn't have bothered me. Fielded their grade 3s and used them for pushing keeping grade 2 in hand for shield value, smart play all round. Even so I managed to whittle their defences down but with one card left in their hand and myself out of steam after that turn that last card had shield enough to cover the LA. They out lasted the short life span of Gold Rush and took the win fair game.

Round 4 vs Royal Paladin Sanctuary of Light gave me my first win of the day but too little too late with damage already done, even so I didn't defeat the opponent because they defeated themselves first by not knowing how to play and attack correctly with the SoL deck which is a deck of sticking to the bare basics. But hey at least I wasn't the one going home in complete defeat? (Sorry for saying that to whoever was the last)

Round 5 vs Genesis Revelation and a grade locked opponent stuck at grade 1. It did mean were both playing the grade 1 beat down game but that's a game I had 100% consistency in while the opponent did not. I win.

Final score of 2-3.
Current sub-total 3-6. That's not good, not good at all.
I need to seriously get my rear into gear, get out of the red, into the black, and start building towards the green. I do not want to come to the end of this locals series still on a negative win rate.

Next week is Escape Games, hopefully that round I can escape defeat and come out with a positive win rate, but I've got do more than just be 1 above my losses if I want to close that difference of 3.

Personal banter aside onto the event's details!
20 People entered with the clans as follows.

4x Royal Paladin (1 SGD, 1 Brave, 1 Alfred, 1 SoL)

3x Gear Chronicle (All Chrono Time Leap)
2x Angel Feather (1 Rescue, 1 Nociel)
2x Gold Paladin (1 G1 Rush, 1 Gurguit)
2x Kagero (Overlord)
1x Genesis (Revelation)
1x Granblue (Nightrose)
1x Link Joker (Messiah)
1x Murakumo (Hyakki)
1x Nova Grappler (Victor)
1x Pale Moon (Magia)
1x Shadow Paladin (Diablo Luard)

Of these ranks 8-5 comprised of (in no particular order)
Murakumo Hyakki
Royal Paladin Brave
Shadow Paladin Diablo Luard
Granblue Nightrose

Those that beat them to form the top four are
Nova Grappler Victor and Gear Chronicle Time Leap who would face each other in one semi-final.
The other semi-final was an Angel Feather Mirror Match for a second time of asking in the same day.

Semi 1 had Ellis fighting in it piloting the Gear deck, Semi 2 had Fox so two local lads remained in the tournament while all others from the area were out; of these only 1 made it to the finals.

Their match going to time, going past the three turn rule and into sudden death where he eventually picked up the win. It was Fox who advanced.

Ellis lost his bout against Nova Grapplers meaning the final showdown was Nova Grappler Victor vs Angel Feather Rescue. The robots failed to reach heaven, Taggen Toppa did not pull through and the win and byes went to Fox who will join with his House of Gold team mate, Kai in having two byes going into the CFV UK Regional (or as we call it, Nationals) at Cardiff in June.
And now, may our prayers become victory!
2 down, 3 more to go. Who else from the region will go into to Cardiff with 1 of the 30 Byes available?

Decker Out. I'm going to return to doing something I can actually do, and that's writing. I've got a part 2 retrospective to complete.

Monday, 6 March 2017

Brave's Battles: Rust (Store Championship Report)

Back to the usual rants and raves today as I report on my first outing of this season.
The venue being Global Gaming Arena and the occasion being the Store Championships.

Diamond Quartz is aged and tired but I need it to last me a little bit longer, at least till the end of this month, so obviously I played Dimension Police though I admit I initially had no intention of playing at all. I went over there to offer an extra hand, it wasn't needed and well what else was I going to do?

We had 16 players, didn't take note of the Clan Breakdown this time around at all, probably should have done given the event type but also given the small size of the tournament the exact pool could be argued to be immaterial.

What I can provide is what I fought and what was the top 4 but other than that, not much to offer on terms of local meta insight.

Round 1: Vs Link Joker Frozen Messiah
This game had two distinct phases.
Phase A I had the dramatically more advantageous tempo while the opponent was sitting atop Freeze Ray Dragon. Tempo shifted with the game moving to Phase B with the arrival of Alter Ego Messiah, the opponent starts rebuilding their resources, now dedicating units to board for locking and multi-attacking shenanigans having
 kept my own offensive efforts within a manageable range of their guarding capacity prior to the transition. The Link Joker deck had gained full control with the roles flipped and me on the defensive. The opponent was in possession to close out game and secured the point. I do believe this outcome was preventable and my loss comes down to a failure on my part during game progression so I can't be salty here.
-LOSS (0-1)

Round 2: Vs Gear Chronicle Time Leap.
In this match up I knew I would be on the back foot from the start as time leap as answer to situations at all times, as in both in their turn and yours, but I did what I could and this time around I don't feel I did anything wrong. I cut off their counter blast supply after their first Nextage refusing to swing a two critical rearguard into their face after they'd guarded my vanguard.

The which the opponent answered with Fate Rider which I was able to shrug off, I followed with my own opportunity to go in for the kill but missed the mark with a double G-Guard and the cat stand triggering twice rendering Daikaiser Leons guard break ineffectual and when I did manage to hit on a retry it failed to land for lethal. The Gear player with Counterblasts now available was able to resume their regular gambit plan.
-LOSS (0-2) Out of the running for top cut

Round 3: VS Angel Feather Nociel
Opponent had to G-Assist for their Grade 3. managed to break even again with Nociel's abilities but it still created an early hole in their defence which in turn led to them not guarding my initial stride attack from a Daiearth, with the triple drive yielding a twin critical and thus 3 damage to face in a single burst, while the damage zone in Angel Feathers is like a second hand the deck isn't a fan of taking on too much damage as he result of a single attack, singular damage favours them as each chip makes the following attacks less likely to hit and easier to guard, but all that damage dealt in one go shut down that defence mechanism. That blow wasn't enough for game but it did contribute heavily to it and aside from that spot my memory of this game is rather lacking other than I won. Honestly admitting I'm having a blank on this game feels like I'm being disrespectful to the opponent whom is someone I know well enough that I should be able to remember our exchanges.

-WIN (1-2)

Round 4: Vs Aqua Force Blue Wave
I had first turn, hit the Enigman ride chain going 8000 > 10000 > 13000 for my base stat after each of my opening three turns... wait- 13000? Psst I'll get to that.
Anyhow normally I'd hit the 10k grade 2 and that would help vs Aqua Force. Yeah... not this time. It turns out Blue Wave can hit 11k with Grade 2 side's on their 3rd and 4th attacks, and to make matters worse for me, this same unit has means via other support to become 13k instead meaning it even overcomes cross ride base completely thwarting my defensive plan for this exact match up. When the time came around for my first stride I know they'd checked a Perfect Guard in the twin Drive previous turn and that there was only 3 cards in the hand in total, I had an opening and had to take it. Daiearth Laurel play set up, try and rebuild that hand I lost in guarding the previous turn's barrage. Take out the double attacker. NOPE.
The third card that I didn't know about had been in the opposing hand since turn 1. It was a Heal and I felt Dizmyl with despair as my recovery plan got swiftly shafted. I didn't take long to be drowned after that. There's defeats and then there's being utterly crushed- this was certainly the latter.
-LOSE (1-3)

So I clearly wasn't making Top 4 but I can tell you what Top 4 was.

Gear Chronicle
Gear Chronicle
Narukami Vanquisher

Link Joker Messiah (my round 1 opponent)

Now I couldn't honestly tell you which was 3rd and 4th as that wasn't played out but the Gear decks were in opposing matches in the semis both winning to meet each other in the final and this game I watched personally as there was an interesting match brewing given the players in question. On one side of the table was Ellis Reeves the UK Cardfight National Champion of last Season, and his opponent was Kaifie Yu, the UK Buddyfight National Champion of last season. Both their decks are very similar and both know each other very well.
 The defending CFV champion scoring the favourable damage targets, taking out the opposing Tick Tock Worker, but the challenger having the more favourable drives on the whole and being able to use the resulting momentum to win the match and take the certificate and the BYE card.

This was only the first of five store championships in the immediate area so I'm willing to wager that the defending CFV champion will be able to a bye from one of the other four, of which I am looking to attend three of these. There's one store that I've decided I will not support at all as I've heard of their business practices and while what they do nothing wrong legally I find them to be overly aggressive at trying to sell and make money so I will not pass through their doors even if they do happen to be playing host to a store championship round.

I don't need to win any of these events but I want to do better than I did today at least.
End my days in the black not the red.


Post Script:
The following day was Weiss Swarchz and Buddyfight at the same venue.
There was but just 4 entrants to the Weiss Swarchz with Big J proving to be the victor and claiming that bye card.
Buddyfight later in the day was more popular but the contest remained very much between regulars; the final was between closest friend going by a new gimmick of CM Paul now apparently and god dammit Kai since one victory ticket that weekend apparently wasn't enough, he was in the Buddy finals aiming to claim another. I wasn't there so I can't comment on who played what or any form of play notes but I can say CM Paul won.

Now between Kai winning the Vanguard, Big J Wiess and CM Paul the Buddyfight it means the three members of the local faction House Of Gold each take a form of gold away from this weekend the the faction as a whole finishes the week in a dominant showcase.

Friday, 3 March 2017

V-Talks: Retrospective Of The Force Part 1

All clans have their origin and journey from that point to present. Much appreciation to PHANTOM as I was hitting a wall with my writings when asked to do something for a cross over project and (probably because I was aware I was hitting this wall) his retrospective for Gold Paladins made me realise it’s something I’ve never done despite how long I've held a blog. So this week begins the throwback for Dimension Police starting from ZERO.

Not that Zero!

Introducing Wokerpod Saturday!
The first Grade 0 in the clan, a Vanilla 6000 with no skills to speak of and releasing before the clan even had a fully playable deck with only 3 other cards releasing alongside it, though these other three would be important for the early days of the clan.

Super Dimensional Robo, Daiyusha played the role of secondary Grade 3 in Dimension Police’s first fully playable deck: Enigman Storm.
Masked Police Grander was a helpful buffing component but his 8k base power, which was common among any of the early power gifters the clan received had the effect of needing to insert Karenroid Daisy to the deck to be able to hit for 2 stages of guard vs an 11k Vangaurd.

These four cards are all that came in Demonic Lord Invasion (Booster Tech 03) for the clan, it wasn't until Eclipse of Illusionary Shadows (Booster Tech 04) though that the clan was playable in of itself with the core of the deck being a ride chain.


The gambit for the deck was rather simple. Ramp Enigman Storm, or the back up Daiyusha, by power +4000 before they charged into attack, the tools the deck had to do this though frequently only provided a power boost of +2000 power to the vanguard. There was one exception to this but only if you could pay in counterblast 2, a very hefty cost to activate the critical threshold but it was very much in line with the times where CB2 would grab you a +1 advantage. The name of this exception card- Cosmo Beak.
[AUTO]: (CB2) When this unit is placed on (RC) you may pay the cost, if you do, choose another of your <Dimension Police> and that unit gets power +4000 until end of turn.

This being the soul single card means of hitting activation, and also being single skill use per unit instance lead to consistency issues with the ramping of early builds.

Masked Police Grander ( pictured far above) and a 6000 power Grade 1 named Cosmo Roar had repetitive usability, the former performing a +2000 incline when attacking with the latter providing the same output but requiring the input of resting during the Main Phase.

In the very next set Booster Tech 05: Awakening of the Twin Blades, another meeker 4 card boost of support (yay for terrible terrible pull rates), a different deck for Dimension Police began to show focused on Enigman Rain. The card that triggered this shift called Miracle Beauty.

BT05-006EN-RRR.jpg[AUTO] [(RC)]: During your battle phase, when this unit becomes <stand>, if you have a <Dimension Police> vanguard, choose another of your rear-guard in the same column as this unit, and <stand> it.

This card complemented Cosmo Roar so well that it secured the card’s status in early Enigman Rain as a staple with Enigman Rain herself as the leader supported Miracle Beauty.

On which note here comes the rain.

[AUTO] [(VC)]: At the beginning of your attack step, it this unit’s power is 12000 or greater, this unit gets [AUTO](VC): When this unit’s attack hits a vanguard, choose one of your rear-guards, and <stand> it.” until end of that battle.

Combine this ability with a new Stand Trigger carrying an additional ability (the clan had one of each trigger type in BT04) this allowed for an 8 stand deck- which is indeed what happened. 8 Stand, 4 Critical, 4 Heal.
The shift towards Enigman Rain, who couldn't be sought by the ride chain meant dropping ride chain support opening slots to other options in the deck. The natural critical push was brought forward to turn two with the Grade 2; Platinum Ace.

This is however where we end for now. Awakening of the Twin Blades bought with it the trinity of crossrides and those three deck ruled the metagame for their time in Japan, with a forth being Oracle Moon. In English it went slightly differently with Spectral Duke Dragon Gold Paladin also having a say in the picture, a deck that was absent in the JP scene at the same time- different release schedules playing major part in that. Each of these decks aside not much else had a shoe in during this time, this unfortunate note ends the origins of the clan, not much in the way of success at the start but important cards came of it nonetheless. It was after all during these early days that Bushiroad planted the seed that is now firmly rooted in the present day meta Dimension Police decks.

Yeah- I mean him.
We get to start talking victories next time, but these weren't born from justice...