Wednesday, 1 February 2017

V-Decks: Robos 17 Prototype

This is it. This is the flag ship we'll have to rely on for the next year with perhaps some updates to be made come Fighters Collection 2017 but otherwise this is near as damn the best we have for the next 10-12 months... probably.

Notice the omission of the Theorycraft tag in the title. That means this deck has had some testing already.

GRADE 0 (18)
1x Dimensional Robo, Daihawk (FV/A)
1x Dimensional Robo, Daishoot (FV/B)
4x Dimensional Robo, Daibattles (CRIT)
4x Dimensional Robo, Daiwolf (CRIT)
4x Dimensional Robo, Gorescue (HEAL)
4x Operator Girl, Reika (STAND)
GRADE 1 (13)
3x Commander Laurel
4x Cosmic Hero, Grandleaf (PG)
3x Dimensional Robo Operator, Yuka
3x Dimensional Robo, Daibrave
GRADE 2 (10)
4x Dimensional Robo, Daibazooka
2x Dimensional Robo, Daijet
4x Dimensional Robo, Dailesson
GRADE 3 (9)
4x Super Dimensional Robo, Daikaiser
2x Super Dimensional Robo, Shadowkaiser
3x Ultimate Dimensional Robo, Great Daikaiser

4x 99th-gen Dimensional Robo Commander, Great Daiearth
4x Dimensional Robo Commander-Admiral, Final Daimax
2x Gallant Incarnation, G-O-Five
4x Legendary Dimensional Robo, Daikaiser Leon
2x Super Cosmic Hero, X-carivou

I've got much more play testing to do yet before I finalise and this is certainly still very much in the preliminary stages with the aim being in having a finalised list by the time of this latest set of support in EN. Even so I'm actually disappointed in myself for a list that is so, dare I say, plain.

Noticeably I'm running the cross ride, most will run the legion. But the legion requires soul, and on that same token I've looked at other builds I've not noticed many, if any who are running Cosmic Hero, Grandleaf as their PG, most are Grandguard or Daisheild.
Running the X-Ride turns Shadowkaiser into an actively useful Daiearth target which in turn opens a play optional play should you miss a stride which allows you to maintain pressure even if this situation occurs, and given the current build content and ratios it WILL occur.

Not sure how obvious it is that I don't like running only 9 grade 3s and no stride fodders but with this build I was struggling for space. It is however something to look at and review to see what and how I can change this matter.

Two starters in use is intended to take advantage of a best of three enviroment which the English game is officially beginning to transition towards as is noticeable with the day 2 format in larger Cardfight!! Vangaurd Level 2 events.

Shop challenges are recommended as BO1 but these will likely be BO3 as that option is available to TOs now so that is factored in to.

The idea is to start a match with Daishoot when the coin toss is in play then (if mercy rule is applicable) use Daihawk in games 2 and 3 once you know your opponent and match up and can determine which starter will actually be the better one to use for the match.

The think is I've found myself liking Daihawk over an extended duration more than I thought I would. The ability to steal a first stride or use it as an emergency button should be lacking a grade 3 to stride in hand, use in each situation as long as you have suitable resources to pitch is valid. Try to avoid putting triggers towards Daihawk if you can.

G-Zone while stable is the most incomplete part about this deck in my eyes. So far with this version of the build I've not yet used either Leon OR Maxon twice each in the same game, the only stride I've used twice within the same games thus far is Daiearth for the board setup, and also recovery that it offers, it is certainly more heavily used now with Daihawk in the picture. For a long time it was a case of use as opening stride and that's the lot, but the current build it's not overly uncommon to use it twice.

Further testing is to be done and thing will change before I call this deck done, I'm not certain I'll even have 2 starter when all is said and done, I may end up favouring one over the other outright, though both cover very different situations it may be hard to justify the space taken up by running two First Vanguard candidates in a deck where space is already so tight.
  Currently leaning towards Daihawk but it may be psychological affect of "oh new toy" than actual usefulness.

I am unlikely to revert this deck to a legion build and shall maintain the x-ride route. Between G-O-Fiaz and Grandleaf I doubt maintaining a constant soul of 3 robos or more which would result in a negation of the Legion's abilities.
On note of Grandleaf; why? Having a Perfect Guard that you can play and push for extra power then bounce back to hand is hardly something to scoff at. The soul blast cost to bounce limits other options in the deck but it's also perhaps right now, given the free gambit of Daimax, the best Sentinel that Dimensional Robos have access to. Meanwhile Enigman Calm is the best PG in the clan as a whole, however his need of a Burst Vanguard and at such a high power margin to bounce from the drop zone back into hand 
for effectively free limits his flexibility. Robos could get a Burst Stride into the threshold but they have to work for it.

For now this is all I have to offer, with more elaboration and fleshing out hopefully possible in due time.

As it is now it just flows and yet there's certainly room for improvement, the current task is identifying where those improvements can be made.