Friday, 21 October 2016

V-Talks: Health and Life. (Catch Up)

It's time I talk. They'll be no images here.

I went silent these past months due to concerns with personal health, investigations are still ongoing as to what's going on but the worst case scenarios seem less likely now, and I'm more comfortable to now resume where I left off.

When last I posted I used it to send a message to a specific individual, a close friend and arch-rival and my tag partner of choice, Kaiser. This was in the build up to Triggerversary back in August, several weeks have since past. So I'm going to glass over the details and give the synopsis form of everything.

This year for Triggerversary, Kaiser suggested the introduction of two title belts (it's very much a him thing to do) these would be called the Triggerversary and Intercardinental championships. The Triggerversary title was for the meet up itself for all the friends gathered to play for via Vanguard. Kaiser managed to win the title.
The Intercardinental Championship is fought for across any number of TCG's it's first outing had it contested across all the Bushiroad games, and then Yu-Gi-Oh as a deciding round if needed. Kaiser won the match for that title defeating me 3-1, my only victory to him being in Vanguard, then being defeated in each of the other Bushiroad games.

The very week following the Triggerversary was BWC UK Regional held in Telford at Strategy games con. I didn't attend this year as the TF Nation convention the week before had drained all my funds, however my home city (that's Birmingham UK btw) got National champions in both Vanguard and Buddyfight through Ellis Reeves and Kaifie Yu or as we simply call him- "Kai" so there was joy and cheers for the lads. Kaiser had a good run with Buddyfight to placing in the top 8 but not quite earning the invite as he was paired against and lost to 2015's Vanguard International second place, Simon McGoldrick, who unfortunatly is out of the running for vanguard this year but still in the game with Buddyfight having finished his Futurecard regional run in 2nd. Scotland held quite the dominance with Buddyfight with half of top 8 and 3 of the top 4 hailing from Kerd & Cosplay, Mr McGoldrick's own business.

If I have the order correct the next thing to occur was an Extreme Rules that I hosted at Young's Hobbies, all I can say about this experience is ANGELS + BIG BELLY G4 = DOMINATION. So it's obvious what won that. The deck in question being piloted by Brave Buddy, Fox.

A few weeks go by nothing happens here
Absolute Judgement Sneak Peaks came next with the Preview I was managing becoming a tutorial draft, the winner of the Preview and taking away the mat was one who'd never played the game before so more power to them.

The weekend immediately after has all of Team House Of Gold (Rank 18 at BSF'16 Cardiff under the name "Trigger Hog") attending one of my clan fight locals, with the three members placing in the three among those that attended in the order of Kai, Fox, then Kaiser. The latter of these using Kagero while Kai and Fox were both using support from Judgement resulting in them bringing Fenrir Wiseman, and Seven Seas Rush respectively.

For myself I've been playing Limited Format MTG whenever I get the chance whether it be sealed or draft, I confess I've not yet won a match, but I have now managed to get games to a draw so I'm not loosing constantly now eh? Yes I'm bad at Magic, no I'm not bothered, it's a nice change to have all the same.

Last Week I played a local myself, entering the HQ Monthly with a deck that I've not used in tournament play for a full year. Grade 1 Gold Rush. The deck did well but since I lost round 1 to Gears, who had managed to heal out of danger 3 times, and frankly there's no getting past that amount of sack for a Grade 1 rush deck, and there's no recovery once you fall behind on advantage, the deck won every other game it played in the Monthly though so it was just the first loss that denied a chance of victory, or so I'd like to believe, but I did also lose the Monthly's winner in a post tournament casual, both using our decks from the tournament, their Altmile defeating my Gold Rush.

And that brings us to the present and the DP Hype that has began anew, but I don't want to say anything on that.