Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Brave's Battles: Triggerversary 3 - Pre-battle

Not much has happened here in recent weeks in regards to games, I've had higher priorities with health, associated frights there have however been put to rest, at least for now.

Globally though much has changed, ARG nats has been on gone, Finals were an SGD mirror, SGD won. I won't go into detail there as Science Of Vanguard is interviewing each of the ARG Top 16 so head over to their Youtube channel for the details of that event. This weekend just past was the New York Bushiroad World Championship Regional Qualifier, the season has officially began. And with Refros limited down to 1.

I'm in a good mood because of that event though, the Crazy Diamond Dimension Police deck has resurfaced after a variant took second place in one of New York's Qualifier blocks. The fact that I'm mid way in testing my own Diamond variant means this is news that pleases me and gives me confidence I am on the right path for building for this meta. Engiman Squall being the card that makes the revival of Diamond possible. Instead of 4 ride targets to set things in motion off the gate, there's now 8, and that helps the Diamond gambit a lot.

I have conventions coming up and conventions means one thing in my group. Well two actually. The first is annual reunions. The other is the annual Cray clash that comes with the reunion, last year was "Point Omega" being as it was the last year of the show we were attending, this year a new show carries on the legacy with some of the old crew leading the effort, effectively making this year a rebirth. This time is the third time around, and now with a permanent name. Triggerversary.

I'll be honest, I've lost both previous times.

I don't even remember the first time but the second time is still clear in my memory, in any case It's just something for us to do during the weaker parts of the weekend's program.
Last time we played for mats with our "main event", which occurs outside of casual league play, placing two decks on the line in an all out ante between former mentor and student. I, the student in this fold, lost that wager, and it cost me my robos, and all other forms of Justice until I completed a specified forfeit condition as the price of failure. I cleared that successfully, got my steel back, and one year later the Triggerversary comes around again.

We once again have the league between friends, and for myself and Kaiser the rivalry the boundary to each of the (English) Bushiroad games. Best-Of-Five rounds, each round a Best-Of-Three.
Round 1: Cardfight!! Vanguard
Round 2: Weiss Schwarz
Round 3: Buddyfight
Round 4: Luck and Logic
Round 5: -TBC-

Two out of three ain't bad, but also third time's the charm.
  Kaiser, I know you're going to see this so allow me to call you out. You may have you Thunder smiting and fighting spirit, but this time I'm bringing the cannon- and all the ammunition.
  WS and BF I have terrible records, but you'll enjoy songs even if I have to force you to listen, and as for Cena, your time is up, my time is now, I've seen through your moves but UCME!
As for Luck and Logic, you may have the better luck, but I'll have the superior logic, your fate will play out as I define it to be.

For the final stage if we have to take it that far, maybe- just maybe, I have my own surprise in store that is contrary to what we originally agreed. But I guarantee you'll enjoy it, shame though that it won' be you who ascends. (hint)