Sunday, 17 July 2016

Brave's Battles: Kai hopes to carry.

Buddyfight fight locals have become a weekly fixture at one of my LGS locations, this past week marked both 50 Buddy Locals and one year since they were started, now I normally don't go but on this occasion my presence was specifically requested- and I was promised they'd be cake. But we know from Valve's Portal how that works out.

In any case I was asked for and so I made the effort and expense required to go. I arrived hours early because of having to work around peak time on the trains and wanting to avoid the extra expense of that period. Do note that this is Global Gaming where all weekday tournaments occur in the evening, and this was a Thursday.

Before tournament rounds there was a couple of rounds of Vanguard played, and by that I mean a best of 3 casual that ended with a 2-0 victory. Enigman vs Cosmic Heroes with Enigman, which I was piloting, winning the fight.

I guess I'll add in at this point that I also went 2-1 against Nightrose with that same Enigman deck yesterday, the early consistency and pressure of the Engiman deck put much work in to punishing a Generation Break deck that is vanilla until turn 6 of the game at earliest. (Turn 7 if they went first.) Further more the lack of any restrictions on abilities along with a consistent 10k base Grade 2 ride thanks to the ride chain helps hugely in punishing an opponent that is grade locked.


Back to the point. Futurecard Buddyfight.
The tournament itself was an elimination tag format with random pairings decided by drawing the same card as a person, the two would then be partners, rules were still being decided and finalized as we went. 12 people made for 6 teams which made for 3 rounds of swiss. These matches were Bo1 with exception of seeds 1-2 when facing in round 3, in which case the game would be a Bo3 instead.

When I say Elimination tag, what I mean is that each fight starts as a 2v2, each fighters resources are specific to them however you may work together to defend one another where applicable. Complete board wipes such as Fifth Omni-Dragon Lord, Tenbu would affect both opponents, targeting abilities could target any one, or more applicable target on a single players board, but either opposing player may be targeted. Attacking however was limited to the opponent directly opposite you.

Many shields printed would only be able to defend their controlling players since they require their controller to be the target of an attack, however cards like Green Dragon Shield or I've Seen Through Your Moves... that require the controllers centre just be open were possible to use defend both a controller and their partner.

As I said above, each players resources were their own however there is one exception to this, when a player's life becomes 0, eliminating them, their partner can then use that player's left over gauge as well as their own.

And one last note, players on the same team can not play the same world as their partner.

Hopefully that makes the "special rules" added for this format clear enough to understand.


In Team paring I ended up partnered with the highest ranked fighter in the local, Kai. Kaiser (Kaiov has regained his original nickname, reasons explained at end of post) hands me way too many Hero cards than I know what to do with, and my deck is out of date, so Kai being Kai takes the deck, and the new cards from Buddy Rave I'd just been given and rearranges my deck more to his liking, despite the still realistically limited pool of cards he had available to work with but the cards inserted were easy enough to work with, so long as I didn't get carried away or trigger happy, which I unfortunately for me I'm prone to.

So there's me, lowest ranked fighter, would be unseeded except I'd played the week before also to get to know the people and possible partners I could become paired with in advance of the Tag tournament. And then there's Kai, the highest ranked fighter, and now we'd ended up paired as team mates. This in mind, a perhaps too obvious truthful joke formed in my head, and thus our team was called "Kai hopes to carry".

Our decks; Hero World (Buddy Monster: Stray Warrior, Vier) for myself, and Dungeon World (BM: Province Baron, Shido) for Kai.


Round 1:
Vs 100 Danger
The opposing team focuses their fire on Kai, knowing how dangerous he is, Kai suggested for us that we take out the opposing Danger World fighter so just they focused fire on one, we did the same. This paid off as the Danger player eventually fell, despite bringing life gains to the fray, the game became 2v1 against 100 Demons and at this point our side was in the clear, confusion of how turn order worked once a player was eliminated ended up playing in our favour, a confusion that wasn't cleared up until Round 2- the issues that arise from having W.I.P. rules.

Result: Win 1-0

Round 2

Vs Dungeon Star
The turn rules were finalised by this point, which was just as well for the opposing team since their Star Dragon players was felled after just getting a single turn, but the turn order allowed the opposing Dugeon player to start building his own advantage, at one point Kai considered scooping and passing his remaining gauge to me to, it was ruled by TO that to scoop would count as a surrender for the team, and the only way to be KO'd while leaving your partner in the game was to reach 0 life via in-game legal methods. As it happens had Kai dropped out of the game we'd have certainly lost, even with him remaining in though, and eventually getting KO'd we should have still lost, a big factor for why we did as well as we did was that the opponents were allowing the taking back of multiple mistakes, that is until the late game at which point any lenience and mercy ceased to be. We won in the end, and I will stand by saying that we shouldn't have, but we did, and it was all because of a top deck that allowed me to deal enough damage to slay the opponent.

Result: Win 2-0

Round 3:
Vs Ancient Darkness

This time we're playing for a Best of Three, both teams are 2-0, and at the end of the round only one will be 3-0 and undefeated. Allow me to introduce you to a local joke, Duel Sieger somehow over time earned himself a different title.

As we begin this round, Kai is no longer giving coaching advice and instead swapped to asking me questions as a way of influencing what I should and shouldn't be doing. Game 1 we have the bases of a plan but nothing solidified. However the result does give rise to a plan the moment we have to scoop to Cena Phase 3. Kai was the opponent's priority target once again and this would continue to be the case for games 2 & 3.

In saying that I guess I just spoiled that at 0-1 down we won Game 2. As we were now engaged in a Bo3 match Kai side decked before game 2 and this time a plan was formed. If we were met with Cena Phase 3, we'd be pinned regardless. With "Loser's remorse" in play, we decided for Kaiser with his Seiger to have the first turn. This meant that Kai would have the first full assault on his turn as last player in the cycle.
  Kaiser opened by tutoring Cena SD from his deck, an ominous sign, Kai informed me he could Pillar Of Fire the tutored Sieger SD but that meant taking a risk, after deliberation it was determined that our best chance of avoiding phase 2 and thus phase 3, was to deal with Phase 1 as soon as possible. So we struck it down. The tension was lifted when Kaiser revealed he had no response or follow up to play. He passes the turn with his field empty and as we go around the table between me and Kai he is quickly bodied down to 0. This left only Darkness in play, which with my Transform (into Captain Answer Final Mode) meant we held an advantage as I was able to avoid Darkness' shadow strike. Kai didn't have the same luxury but we win Game 2 and take the match to a final showdown.

Game 3 is close, dangerously close. I get a turn 1 transform into Answer which certainly helped on the whole. Kaiser was taken out as quickly as possible by a kamikaze Kai, but in his final moments Kaiser offered what he could to give Darkness as much gauge as possible. I can't remember details, not that my fight reports are all that detailed anyway, but I know it came down to the wire and that somehow, eventually- it was Kai Hopes to Carry that won.

And so that's what I've been up to this week.
I could have reported on the Buddyfight local of last week also, but I didn't, and I've since forgotten everything about it other than I was playing a Crimson Battler deck, or what we ended up called TNA since their spell card, Ring of Crimson ended up getting dubbed Impact Zone in a joke. Other than that I have it recorded on the local league table that I won two of my rounds that week, of which there was four, (so that means I finished 2-2) but as to what a I fought and when, I couldn't tell you by this point.

All I have to say is I'd hoped for Kai to carry (which was root of the joke behind why the team name was chosen) but the closer we inched towards the end, the more he shifted that responsibility to me, a conscious decision taking advantage of my deck being an unknown factor I would assume. I am unsure if by the end we'd put in equal effort, I'd say it was still more Kai's efforts than mine that allowed us to win. However for that final round, especially that final fight, Kai made a sacrifice to guarantee elimination of the more dangerous threat. And thus it could be said I was left to finish the fight with this message.

Which is ironic as I was the one playing Hero World, not him. Hmmm?


So I mentioned up above that Kaiser Overlord (Kaiov) was now simply Kaiser once again.
This is because The Dragonic Empire have been quiet for a long time. They've recently put up uploads so they are back in business, but they aren't as into vanguard as they used to be, nowadays they mostly play other game instead. That said the two Kaisers should not be confused so I will refer to TDE's Kaiser as DEKaiser if I ever need to make that distenction.