Tuesday, 28 June 2016

V-Talks: Mighty Number 9

I could go over the latest booster set right now, but I want to discuss something else that frankly bothers me more than the latest cards being released as scheduled, I will however be looking at the new DP support, then I'll look at everything else and explain my opinion in regards to the new CosHer deck as I go, (not what I've had the most enjoyment with though.)

For those that don't know, there's this game called Mighty Number 9. It's a spiritual successor to the old Megaman games, and to be frank I'd rather play those old classics.

My fear though to get directly to the point is Cardfight!! Online possibly becoming the next Mighty No.9, given continued delays, the core audience, the existing Vanguard players, will still buy into the game, probably... but how about those from outside that core? They've seen the green light, they've seen the proposed release dates, the news of the beta, the delays, the delays, the delays. I'm sure my point is made.

Mighty No.9 to use it as my point of reference for this topic has suffered a similarly dismal run with keeping to schedules. But in that scenario there was much more involved, including it's fair share of scandals. For one, Mighty No.9 was crowd funded on kickstarter, a successful campaign it was, but then came the first of many problems, whether the cause be ambition or greed, actions set in motion the chain of mis-managed deadlines, broken promises, unnecessary and undesired changes in direction after supposed completion, broken releases ect.
The bottom line is this, Mighty No.9 was a game that started off with such grand promise, but has since devolved into a pool of gunk and slime with many wishing for the project to fail altogether. And it's this bottom line that I'm concerned about for Cardfight!! Online.

I played the beta and while it indeed was a mess, it was salvageable as is, the core issue was many of it's bugs, and exploits boiled down to was poorly written and non-optimal coding. Prices for crafting were obscene yes but that was never a huge concern of mine, factors of price of items are handled server side and can be modified with relative ease. My focus when testing was with the client itself and how it communicated with the server. I remain optimistic for the game and it's revisions, but there are concerns and I feel I must address them, and it's widely to do with general reception.

Cardfight!! Online when first revealed to us was slated for a 2015 Holidays release. Obviously the game was not ready in time, there hadn't even been a beta held yet. At first there was open contact, and Q&A's for the project were frequent, with updates coming when and where appropriate, although we could have been given further info and the project still not give away anything confidential. In winter of this year, 2016 there was a closed beta activated and from that beta many reports and details were collected. All standard so far, with exception to the delay. I believe the initial plan that Bushiroad had was to release the game as it was in full if the beta had been well received, except that the beta wasn't well received at all, and I'll be honest myself and say it wasn't ready for public release as it was, but that's why you have beta tests. I will not go into the details though.

After the beta there was little further word, and the last open formal declaration of any news was May 6th, after which silence.

I've had the odd informal word here and there I've kept to myself but at this stage, the game is still due this year, and I don't predict it being suitable for public consumption until late 2017 or early 2018, by which point the project will be drastically behind it's originally projected schedule and I bet over budget. The worst part of this prediction is that by this time the general public just will not care. By this point Magic The Gathering Online (MTGO) might actually have been reviewed (long overdue) and become decent. (Fat chance) Hearthstone is already strong in this market anyway, and the longer is dominates on-line CCG, the stronger it's hold becomes. Pok√©mon TCG Online I frankly can't comment on as I've never played Pokemon TCG, but given Nintendo's pedigree it's hard to imagine that being anything short of a polished boot gladly stamping it's footprint and authority.

Ultimately, my concern at the end of the day is if CFO takes too long to ignite, the ember will go out before the wood has even caught.

Monday, 20 June 2016

Brave's Battles: ZERO

That's my score from Spring Fest, realistically speaking, 0

I scored 1 win all weekend, both in casual and competitive play, and that was due to pummelling someone for Grade Lock.
Team went 2-4 total.

I'll keep this short mostly.

Round 1: Win
Daikaiser Vs Amon: Loss
Oracle Vs Bad End Ogle: Win
SGD Vs Gear Chronicle: Win

Round 2: Loss
Daikaiser Vs Amon: Win
CoCo Vs Seven Seas: Loss
SGD Vs Nociel: Loss

Round 3: Loss
Daikaiser vs Ripples: Loss
Coco Vs Overlord
: Loss
SGD Vs Machining: Loss

Round 4: Loss
Daikaiser Vs Overlord: Loss
Coco Vs -forgotten-: Loss
SGD Vs Gold Paladin: Win

Round 5: Loss
Daikaiser Vs Magus: Loss
Coco Vs NN Maidens: Loss
SGD Vs Nightrose: Loss

Round 6: Win
Daikaiser Vs Gavrail Rescue: Loss
CoCo Vs Blade Wing: Win
SGD Vs Brawlers: Win

Round 2 Daikaiser win only due to opponent Grade Stuck and 2 G-Assist fails, it happens...
Same for SGD victory in R4, Opponent was Grade Stuck.

Personal Favourite match, vs Ripples, player was hardcore otaku and it made my team mates cringe, I just don't care, I accept that behaviour for what it is, this game though was an incredible gauntlet, I kept him off Limit Break until going for the kill at time with God Cannon, I hit my mark but he twin healed, taking us into extra time, and with them now also in Limit Break, at this point I still put up a fight but staggered, a much earlier misplay of letting Shadowkaiser die was probably the critical error as given the match-up being on cross ride would have changed a lot an probably granted me, the win.

The most embarrassing defeat was to Rescue, as I strode to Leon adamant that the opponent had sentinels to hand, had I gone X-Tiger though I would have won, turns out the rescue deck wasn't running sentinels at all.

Day 2 I played Wiess... I don't play Wiess. I'll collect, build and  play Symphogear given the finances and accessibility, but that's it for Wiess.

Casual Games I faced Chaos and Neo Nectar Maidens the night before, lost of those, an omen of what came later, on the day after the tournament I faced Kaiov twice, Narukami both times, Brawlers then Vanquisher. Yep, lost again.
And yet typically you walk away from defeat having learned something, in most of the cases though I can't say I identified the flaw or what went wrong, I can only place it down to not having an optimal deck (missing X-Caivou makes a big difference against bigger numbers) I'm not one for being salty when I know I was the weak link, if I'd been winning but the team loosing, then I might be angered, but as it is, just deflated after what is without doubt the most crushing defeat I've ever received. Evidently I have not adapted to the new format.

If the Round 3 opponent decks look familiar, then perhaps you know Zystral? If not well I'm going to give him a plug as I only recently realised he was a blogger myself, and only further recently realised that our paths crossed while in Cardiff. So I'm offering a plug becuase I can. https://t.co/ruHcjGTLnx

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

V-Talks: Battle Tendency

Sneak Peaks for G-07 Radiant Sword were this past weekend.
I pulled good, got some things, but not the things I really need to help me going into Cardiff, came up short on that front. Be that as it may I'm testing with what I do have access to in this final week leading up to Cardiff. My results are not promising but I must persevere.

There are things I wish to say, and thoughts I wish to layout but no matter what I say there is one thing that I will always go back to. I won't go on about how to succeed nor how to win, nor be the best. My philosophy is much more simple. If I'm going down, I'm going down fighting. The goal isn't necessarily to win, but rather the goal is to not lose, and to walk away when the dust is settled accomplished in your own right, whatever your personal objective may have been.

Ultimately, even in a large competition a game should still be a game and if you take yourself, or your actions too seriously you're loosing sight of that truth. Fight with honour and respect, you are a warrior and your deck your sword and shield, and your weapons are not mere tools but partners on the battle field, just as your allies are to.

I guess what I mean to say is this.
Respect yourself and your peers. Respect your opponent's property just as you would want them to respect yours. Play firmly and with conviction but fair and with honour.

There are typically two approaches at this stage, Play Hard or Go Home, or play for fun, and enjoy a good time. I prefer the latter.

I'm too busy to write up a Brave's Battles report from the sneak peaks so I didn't bother, but I felt I ought to say something before Cardiff.