Saturday, 30 August 2014

Brave's Buddies: Group Reunion and Fighting again.

Saturday 30th August, Birmingham UK, a group of people rendezvoused to chat, trade and Cardfight, that group of people was the members of my old card group, the first time we've called everyone together in 6 months. There are those that couldn't make it but the following did make it.

Majora - Who's returned to an alias tgat they used before I even met them, bein Biocancer
"D" (yet to have an alias assigned)
and of of course Strat (Bro took offence to "Swindle") and myself.
Also a new addition to the list, Angel.

We met up at GameHQ where I traded with Cobalt to get 2 Sanctuary of Light, Planetal Dragon in exchange for me giving him 1 Liberator of Bonds, Gancelot Zenith. While this trade removed from my Gold Paladin line-up the one card that was formiddable within the deck it has allowed me to now annouce that my "SoL Guardians" Deck has the minimal requirements met to allow it's main gambit to go live. That make me very happy indeed and far outwieghs the loss of Gold Paladin, of which I wasn't really investing in anyway. I was going to build a Liberator, Holy Shine Dragon deck but I've since lost intereast. I'll have that remain just a Cardfight Area thing.

Cobalt had also bought several booster pack and managed to get some profitable pulls so good for him. While he and Overlord were distracted with packs, Shadow and I discussed things relating to our Cardfight team. He's looking to expand the team into 6 members so we can run two branches at the next team regional, hoping it is again in the immediate area.

For next year he was discussing the possibilty of having a team logo printed onto t-shirts, a slightly different design for each branch. Brothers in Arms main cell now consists of Shadow and myself, as with before, but Crimson has been demoted to posistion 4 while Cobalt has been promoted to posistion 3, making him a full-time participant of the main team. I'm all for the team having it's own logo and with both me and Shadow being Graphic designers at heart, we should be able to come up with a good design between us.

Furthermore, Overlord joins Brothers in Arm in posistion 5 and we are currently assessing potential members to fill posistion 6, completing the second 3-man cell, of which I will take command of in the event that both sub-divisions are active in the same tournament, in this case I will take position 4 and Crimson is given Posistion 2. And by we, I mean Shadow is doing all the work, I'm just awaiting his assesment results so I can edit the team database accordingly.

We waited in Game HQ for as much of the group to arrive as possible before heading down the Gaming Cyber Café, we were fortunate the Cyber Café was quiet enough for our group to enact the real purpose behind our reunion, and the only reason Overlord wanted me there for, being so that he had access to my iPod software. (See previous post, still yet to find out if the app exsists on Android) Although, Shadow having to take Dee, Jay and Cobalt away meant this was short lived. It wasn't a total loss though, joining our ranks as we sat to play was Murray, LJ Darkness, Fox, and from Birmingham's strongest Vanguard Team, that I'm aware of, (even with one member retired from Vanguard, or at least not investing in being competitive anymore.) we had Snake and Grey Wolf of Team Dark Sanctuary. This team is more commonly called online, TDSVanguard.

The point is we had a tournament between us, Single Knockout, because I'm not able to upgrade to the full version of Brackleope, but each match was a Best-of-3 to try and compensate for that.

In the first round there were a lot of Byes/Wins by default due to a substantial portion of our group having to leave, this meant a match that should have been Cobalt Vs. Overlord ended with Overlord Winning by default. Same applies to Murray Vs. Jay in which Murray won by default after just 1 game, which he'd won anyway. Strat fought off with LJ Darkness and Star-vader, Chaos Breaker Dragon which ripped his Nubatama to shreads and a 2-0 win to Darkness. Fox faced TDS' Snake and lost, even with his Duos. Narukami's Eradicator, Dragonic Decsendant is still a frightening thing to have to face.
Neo had a get out free card, courtosy of "D" withdrawing the tournament and lastly, but by no means least, Biocancer was paired up with TDS' Grey Wolf. That was a match Shadows vs. Narukami in which Shadows won but it took all 3 fights to tough it out, ending with Grey Wolf's victory.

My battle was against Angel, she was using Genesis, our match ended up going to the final round, which I probably only won from her being Grade Stuck and taking advantage of it. My Dimensional Robos haven't been doing well recently but I still use them anyway. It's a thing of habit.

Round 2 I had a bye by the TO Software's dictation. So I fought Fox's Duos while the 3 matches that were part of the tournament were going on. Cuase we don't need a judge when we're just  freinds larking about to decide which of us is the strongest. The three Active matches were Overlord Vs. Murray,
Snake Vs. Darkness, and Grey Wolf vs. Neo.

Overlord defeated Murray with his Dauntless "Reverse" dominating (pun intended) over Murray's Angel Feather deck, also Reversed.
Snake's Eradicated Darkness's Link Joker. And Neo was consumed by the Shadows.

Even though Fox and I were playing casaully, he smacked my forces, and hard. A 2-0 defeat for me. So there I am hoping I don't end up facing Snake, knowing full well the odds would not be in my favour. In the Semi-Finals however, Brackelope pits me against- Snake. -_-
Overlord faces Gray Wolf.

The tournament essentially becomes Brother's In Arms Vs. Dark Sanctuary. I lose 2-0 again, the second round being Gradestuck at 0 the entire game. Which coincidentially gave me an idea for a game type. (I'll probably write the idea on the Wikia as well as here as I know I can get comments and criticism on the game types design there.

Overlord won his match 2-0. And the final again, BIA Vs. TDS, each with one representative. And Overlord lost.

Snake won the whole thing without loosing a single game.
That's consistency. That's Team Dark Sanctuary.

If you're ever in Birmingham I reccomend giving them a challange if you think you can take them. But there's also Dragonic Empire, Chaotic Darkness (top 16 nationals, make of that what you will) and Brother's In Arms (top 32 Nationals). Somewhere in the area is also based a team called The New Vanguard Clan, or T.N.V.C. for short. Not that I know who their members are, or if their even still active.

Sorry for the lack of pictures, I don't think to take any at the appropriate time. That's not why I have no pictures of AA14 though. That was a case of my camara wasn't working, which reminds me, I'm investing in some alkakies batteries. Rechargables seem to die if you try to use film mode.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Off-Topic: App Review - Brackelope Tournament Builder

Now here's something I've been playing with for awhile. And for a free* app it's... the best I've found actually.

The app works completely off-line on your local device memory. Not only that but you can have multiple tournaments active at the same time. The only down-side I've found with this app so far is the restrictions of the free version* (which I use) only enabling Single Elimination, so regardless of 1-strike KO or Elimination Brackets, the outcome isn't really any different, no different at all.

Bearing in mind this is my ONLY negative this isn't really a bad thing, considering I am using the free version* of the app.
No version of this app supports Swiss drawn pairing which I do find is unfortunate but everything else is covered through one means or another, whether this is as intended or not is irrelevant it still does it.

The menus and layout are easy to understand and use, I would give instructions but really this app doesn't need them, just do what I did to test the app and run a tournament using your own decks. After that go ahead and ask players down your locals if their game for a little unofficial tournament.

The only part of the app that is a pain to navigate is the "tournament view"
But you can easily find any player in the tournament by using the tab to the left, which opens a list of all the "players" in the tournament. To find any player's match easily, find their name in the "find player" list and tap it, this will take you straight to that players current active match, or the last match they played if they've already been KO'ed

On a closing note unlike typical free* tournament app, the cap of players isn't set at 32, in fact I'm yet to hit the player limit, what ever they may be.

I may not be the best at reviewing apps mainly as I don't really know what to look for in an app other that it being easy and fun (if applicable)

I approve. 8/10
So what if I'm using Buddyfight's Gao Mikado. The title says this is off-topic.


* Too bad the "pro" upgrade costs £6 but you may find it worth it. That's a bit on the high side and unless I'm topping up my apple account with £15 so I can also buy an album from iTunes I won't be getting it. I don't like leaving cash/credit lying on an account. I'd rather top up and use all at once.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Card Of The Week (W/C: 25 August): Lozenge Magus

[AUTO]: When another <<Oracle Think Tank>> rides this unit, you may call this card to (R).

[AUTO] (R): When this unit boosts, the boosted unit gets (power)+3000 until end of that battle, and at the beginning of the end phase if that turn, return this unit to your deck, and shuffle your deck.

Heal Triggers are awesome. This goes without saying, when you're on the brink and in need of a second wind, Heal Triggers are that one saving grace you're praying for. Well this unit may just be your best friend. Lozenge Magus hails from the games very first expansion set, BT01: Descent Of The King Of Knights, and through all of Oracle Think Tank's supported run she remained both the casual and competitive players go-to unit to use as their decks Heal Trigger.

While there are other trigger units that do what Lozenge Magus does, she is the only one that is a heal trigger, and chances are she is also the first unit you would have used as a started if you ever played Oracle Think Tank. Even with Oracle support becoming scarce as Bushiroad seems to have abandoned the clan except for when they have to give it support, I still see people that play Oracle today using this as their Heal Trigger of choice. The trick is here re-usability making Lozenge Magus an excellent utility and that contributes towards Oracle Think Tank's already incredibly resilient tank-like defense.

I used to play oracle but have since sold my gear to focus on clans I use more frequently, but I kept this card among a few other in hopes of eventually returning to the clan. 

Aside from her original BT-01 debut, Lozenge Magus has also been reprinted 3 times and also sports an alternate artwork.
Trial Deck, EB01 and EB05 Artwork
As for which of the artworks you prefer, that's up to you. Among my collection of cards I only own this artwork of the card, but I honestly prefer the simplicity of the original artwork, however there is one artwork I prefer more so than that and it finds its origins in censorship of all things.
In the Korean version of Vanguard Lozenge Magus wears a full garment, this also makes her attire itself visually more complete. My one critique with the original un-censored design is that Lozenge Magus's costume seems incomplete, as if missing a piece to which everything else should then be placed over. The Korean version of the art fixes this by photoshopping a white top that she wears underneath her amour set. Even though this was done purely to cover the unit's skin to satisfy the Korean censors, in my honest opinion, she looks all the more better for it.

That's it for my first unit of the week, probably not one anyone was expecting as my first COTW but between the unit's brilliance at utility just by being recyclable and my personal opinions she seemed like a good place to start.

That's it for now, can't think of anything else to put down so I guess we can close this off by saying I miss Oracle Think Tank. T_T

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Impact: Link Joker (2014 Release - August)

So the first thing to note is in yesterday's article, while I mentioned Chaos Breaker, I only glanced him over and failed to mention the impact of either him or the Link Joker clan on the meta. This was a deliberate omission as, with the numbers of big impacts that filled Season 3 it got to the point where I decided to choose one of the most controversal cards from thes season. In which case Vague was the obvious choice, although I may have exagerated the destructive capabilities of that card, there is no denying how controversal it's design is.

Had I mentioned Chaos Breaker, there is no way I could have avoided mentioning the rest of his clan and for one simple reason. Link Joker is a clan that debuted during Season 3 and with their play style of "Locking" the opponent's Rearguards they may in part have contributed to the rise in popularity of the restanding Vanguard, although that seems unlikley, more Vnaguard attacks was always going to be popular with or without Link Joker, but even ignoring this, Link Joker undoubtedly had an impact on the meta all of their own. This is one of the decks that set the benchmark for the 2014 meta.

In this article I'll be focusing on the "Star-Vader" sub-clan upto BT-13 as this was the deck more commonly used by professional Link Joker players during the 2014 world team league.

The Star-Vaders, with their debut, introduced 2 bosses.Nebula Lord Dragon, which focused on Beatdown, and Chaos Breaker Dragon, who with his Field Control was more favoured by the professional player base.

Focused Destruction-

Or All-out Annihilation?

Even though each deck variants "Final Turn" gambits are different, their support is generally the same. For this reason some players also opt to use both Chaos Breaker and Nebula Lord, running the ratio 4-2-2 or 3-3-3.

No, I'm not writing out the skill, it's there in the picture. (Untill my picasa stops working)

The deck ForerunnerStar-vader, Dust Tail Unicorn isn't just the go-to starter for Nebula and "The Clown" but is generally as being the beat starter for the clan as a whole, unless you're using the ride chain. Working typically used to create tri-lock in combination with the Deck's Break Ride, Star-vader, Infinite Zero Dragon.

Whether or not you get this Break Off or not will make or break your combos.

The strategy behind Link Joker's play is to keep your opponent tied down as long as possible while feeding off to gain all forms of advantage. To achieve this the deck makes use of 4 key cards.

The Claws

These two units should be maxed out in any deck, and can, if you wish be used in place of the Star-vader 12k beater, Radon. The reason you want these maxed, if you go with them, is simply because of the threat (not to be confused with pressure) they provide from being the field. Every unit that is locked by a skill will give these guys power so long as they are on a Rearguard circle at the time of the skill being used. The more units locked, the more power they gain. Locking a full field while you have a column of these will make a 36k column. Against an 11k Vanguard that's 6 stages needed to guard.

My single favourite Link Joker Unit.

Palladium is used to ensure that once you have an opponent locked, you're keeping them locked. Also he can be used to set up Star-vader, Chaos Breaker Dragon for maximum devastation, a total wipeout of the opposing field. From which your opponent will almost always be unable to recover. And the forth card of this staple group helps to support this gambit.

Another Key Combo Card

Used to search out Palladium, to then use his skill and prepare or recharge Chaos Breaker for Limit Break. Essentially you want to treat these as being another Palladium.

It should be noted that while The Claws work better for Nebula, and Palladium & Colony Maker work better with Chaos Breaker, both pair may also be used with each other and each boss.

Along with the theme of gaining advantages from placing "Lock" on your foes, from the Trial Deck come another key card for the deck.

Doesn't need locks, just more Rearguard, well that's easy enough.

Being a 10k booster for any Link Joker Vanguard, with a stupidly easy, and free, activation condition to meet, Star-Vader, Aurora Eagle invalidates both bosses personal 11k boosters, each of which require a Soul Blast as the cost.

And while  early game "Lock" doesn't really achieve much, it's nice to have the option for pressure.

And that is what this is for.
Ideal Grade 2 Ride.

One potential advantage you can get from early locking is the ability to prevent your opponent from using their Forerunner's skill(s) and in the early game both players will still be preparing their fields which means getting off that 10k boost and forcing more guard shouldn't really be all that difficult. And if you have the Prison Star-vader, Palladium on the field when this units attacks you have both threat and pressure. Especially if there's the chance you could compromise one of your opponent's core units.

Typical Deck Ratio in Break Ride Meta is 17>14>11>8, counting from Grade 0 to Grade 3.

Now let's build a deck aiming for Maximum Pressure.

Obviously 4 of your Grade 1's will be Sentinels.
So that's 4x this guy.

Along side the Perfect Guard I've mentioned 3 other Grade 1s. To max all four out would be 16 Cards, so one unit must be dropped to 2 copies. That would be Aurora Eagle.

I'll admit, I don't own a meta Link Joker deck, it's out of my budget but I've built the deck several times for others who have already invested in the recourses. And by those people I've been able to refine the design. But the truth is, like with Revengers, there's really only ONE way to build the deck.

Grade 0:
1x (Forerunner) Star-vader, Dust Tail Unicorn
8x Critical Triggers
4x Stand Triggers
4x Heal Triggers

Grade 1:
4x Barrier Star-vader, Promethium (Staple Perfect Guard)
4x Prison Star-Vader, Palladium
4x Demon Claw Star-Vader, Lanthanum
2x Star-vader, Aurora Eagle

Grade 2:
3x Furious Claw Star-Vader, Niobium OR Unrivaled Star-Vader, Radon (power gainer)
4x Star-vader, Mobius Breath Dragon (Ride Target)
4x Star-vader, Colony Maker

Grade 3:
4x Star-vader, Infinite Zero Dragon (Break Ride)
4x Star-vader, Chaos Breaker Dragon

Your Grade 2 powerhouse is down to your preference and what ever gambit going for. But do note the sub-clan beaters can offer constant power, and Link Joker's Lock Combinations don't go live until end game. This is also the clan's biggest weakness, if you can deny Link Joker the chance of Limit Break you'll be in for an easy win.


Field Control
Field Destruction
Solid Advantage Engine
High Defence
Beatdown Potential

Early and Mid game vanilla 
Limit Break dependant
Combos require setup and field

It goes without saying that Link Joker will have a bad match-up against competitive Kagero and Narukami decks, most decks will. But it also has a bad match-up against itself and Dimension Police. A well built Spike Brothers deck may also take The Clown to Town. And Bermuda Triangle, being able to bounce units back to the hand, may also be unphased by the threat of lock. You can't lock what isn't there.

As for what Link Joker counters, it's super effective against Aqua Force, Royal Paladins, Neo Nectar, "Reverse" Decks and itself. Played well and maintaining Tri-Lock can also lock-out Revenger's Boss gambit. 

EDIT: An afterthought, but Nubatama can screw over any deck once it goes live as well. That Includes Link Joker. I'll look into Nubatama as a "non-inpact" Clan Analysis as they deserve the mention.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

How we got here, and my opinion on Card Of The Day/Week

I realise this is a common thing that people do, and I think I also understand why they do it. Sometimes they may very well be cards that blow you away all by themselves or maybe cards that deserve a mention for having had a major affect on the game at any given point in its evolution throughout the past 4 years.

10000 power bosses was where we started, during a time in which the meta game was mostly Knights vs. Dragons. We had Oracle Think Tank and Nova Grappler as well but in the beginning it was only really possible to build a full deck for those four clans. Spike Brothers and Megacolony existed but there is one nation that at first didn't exist at all.

Among the most destructive of these first year bosses was those armed with the skill, unofficial called, Megablast. My favourites of these are CEO Amaterasu and Stil Vampir.

Then came the first impact...

Crossrides. All three of the X-rides from BT05  changed the game significantly. While their affect on the english game wasn't as heavily affected as the Japanese game was, these X-Rides were  almost a guaranteed win back in their day. I will be looking at each of these in time but moving on for now.

After BT-05, Bushiroad debuted Narukami and Gold Paladins and a new mechanic, Limit Break. While most early Limit Breaks left something to be desired, some boosters doing poorly, (BT07, I'm looking at you.) and X-Rides still dominating where ever they appeared. Early Season 2 looked rather bleak from a business and retail perspective, and the introduction of Aqua Force didn't really do much to change that, even though Aqua Force's combo play if pulled off could be lethally devastating, the problem it faced was Kagero, and now also Narukami. During this time Spectral Duke Dragon and Ezel represented Gold Paladin in the meta, Vermillion for Narukami, Maelstrom for the recently released Aqua Force and Shadow Paladin, Royal Paladin, and Kagero all being represented primarily by their X-Rides. Among others.

The end of Series 2 saw its own new trinity of X-Rides. In BT09 but before then another clan had gotten it's own X-Ride and it wasn't for one of the more widely used clans.

Gold Paladins were going strong into season 3, with both Ezel and Spectral Duke, this was further supported by the introduction of Break Rides, and Gold Paladin being among the first clans to obtain this new power through their new Trial Deck, Liberators of the Sanctuary. Although most of the contents were reliant on sub-clan conditions being met, the Break Ride was usable to the whole Clan. But Break Rides weren't the only thing that would come to be seen as a meta staple, the second impact- The explosion of Restanding Vanguards.

Eradicator, Dragonic Descendant and Revenger, Raging Form Dragon were the most popular restanders in both the Japanese and English meta.

Dauntless Drive Dragon, the Break Ride for Kagero made any unit that rode it become a re-standing Vanguard for the duration of the turn the Break Ride was performed.

With the power and skills that Break Rides offered to the Vanguard, having a way to make the most of that power was a must. The easiest way to achive this was a Vanguard that could attack more than once. This in turned made Critical Triggers more important than ever. Further more the Meta had fully become 11k meta, unlike Seasons 1&2 in which most bosses were 10000 power, and those with 11000 having the trade off of usaully having weaker skills. In Season 3 this was no longer the case. Now we had a fully dedicated 11k meta, and each deck being able to hit 18k RG coloumns, due to sub-clan power gainers, 11k and 12k beaters, 13k X-Ride defence became less of a game decider than it had previously been with almost every deck being able to hit atleast 18k with all 3 columns with relative ease. Crossrides were still having to guard for 2 stages minimal. This in of itself is ironic considering Season 3 also developed a new trend, creating a significantly sized portion of 13k meta decks with the advent of Cross Break Rides. (Or X-Break as I shorten it to.)

For Genesis, Omniscience Regalia, Minerva provided both a restanding Vanguard and was also a X-Break Ride, effectively providing the best of both worlds. For Genesis this was a blessing, for the players that wanted to build Genesis, not so much. Her price tag reflected the demand for her an it's not surprising either. Most of the Tier 1 meta consists of decks that exploit re-standing Vanguards, and for Genesis, Minerva is the card that allowed them to join those Tier 1 Ranks.

Despite the large increase in Restanders and X-Rides though, something bigger was to come, capable of bringing total devastation in it's wake- And I don't mean Link Joker and Chaos Breaker Dragon if I did I'd have mentioned that by now but it does deserve mention as being involved in the third impact.

Oh shit-! God or Devil, you decide.

Transcendance Dragon, Dragonic Nouvelle Vague, the first legal Grade 4. (Epitome of Knowledge, Silvest was the first but is made illegal in-game by it's own card text.)

If you want to compete in the 2014 meta you need to be able to defeat this. But between all it's passives that is easier said than done. Even though this unit has a Persona Blast Limit Break, it is a skill hardly ever used. Effectivly a X-Ride for ANY Kagero unit but then also eqquiped with a "Silent Tom" skill, locking out your primary guardians and the ability to negate all your opponent's triggers during your turn. Which means if you don't have the sheild to survive any of this cards turns. That's GAME OVER.

Once this card hits the field on top of Dauntless Drive Dragon, even if you survive that turn, your next turn, win or lose, will be your final turn. And if the Persona Blast IS used then you won't have any come back.

Also concidentially the Persona Blast perfectly counters any and all of this guy's Offensive Beatdowns.

I take it back, this is the devil.

With BT-15 coming out I can garentee it'll bring with it the forth impact, Legion will end up being the fifth. Now it may be me, but that way too many impacts in such a short space of time. But we'll see what the future holds. At least Ω won't be ble to have such a large used base as he did in Japan, but where he does show up in the World Championship you can be sure he will dominate.

Here's my advice for countering Omega, if you want to destroy his offensive potential, take Nouvelle as your weapon. If you want to counter the restrictions he places on you and prevent the World End gambit, take Grand Ezel Scissors or Liberator, Monach Sanctuary Alfred, although the latter is your better bet for consistency. 

All of these Cards have been peoples' COTD or COTW for a reason. The effect they've had on the game and on their clans is enormous, but not every publicly COTD/COTW has been Grade 3's, (or 4) cards of every grade have been chosen of these one of my favorites is one of the first cards in the game. And so on Monday I'll be adding my own contribution to this trend with my first COTW.

So at the end of this article in which I took the long way around. My opinion on having a Card Of The Day/Week is that I'm all for it. Vanguard has over 1000 Cards in the English game alone, and the Japanese version obviously has more still, among all those cards, there are those units that stand out, wether it be for impact, utility, pressure, threat or even nust personal taste. So why shouldn't we share what units have caught our intereast?

I didn't mean this to be an essay into the history of the game up untill now, but I'm glad it is. It helps me to put across my closing statement.

Here's to the sixth impact, we all know it's coming...
Deletion, the turning into nothingness, the very essence of Void...

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Brave's Buddies: Cobalt Blade makes Locals Final

For Context, friends list is here.

Yesterday in a locals at Game HQ, Birmingham England, Brothers In Arm's youngest member, and our seat 4 reserve took silver. With a score of 5-1, Cobalt made it to the final undefeated, only to lose the last match, a rematch of his third round game, only losing from being grade stuck on the last hurdle. The only other member of our team to have made the final before is Overlord, who is a substitute on our team as he captains his own project.

There was 10 players in the local with the format being 4 rounds of Swiss followed by top four cut.
Nova's 4 decks entered of those 10 slots 2 Raizer, 2 Blau
Full List

  • 4 Nova Grappler (2 Raizer, 2 Blau)
  • 1 Pale Moon (Silver Thorn)
  • 1 Bermuda Triangle (Duos)
  • 1 Royal Paladin (Jewel Knights)
  • 1 Gold Paladin (Liberators)
  • 1 Nubatama
  • 1 Angel Feather (Reverse)
I'd entered with one of the 2 Raizer Decks. Cobalt was handling Liberators, having ceased use of Royal Paladins until Seekers come out. Shadow used one of the 2 Blau decks present in the listings.

After the four rounds pf Swiss I was out with a score of 1 win and 3 losses.
Shadow I don't know about, or rather I can't remember. Cobalt was the only fighter out of all 10 to have a clean sweep, with his points on 4-0.

In the final four cut the contnenders left standing were Cobalt, Dragon Empire's Fox, former Team The Dark Sanctuary member, John, and lastly someone from Coventry.

I didn't see either of the semis but I know that Cobalt Vs. John. Cobalt won. And I know that Fox won the other match.

The final fight itself was a repeat of one Round 3 battle. Liberators vs. Duos. And as mentioned above, Cobalt got crushed due to being grade stuck. A terrible way to go out but that's part of the game.

My salutations go to Cobalt for doing as well as he did, I wouldn't have expected him switching to Liberators to have had such an impact but I guess it also goes to show how outdated his previous favorite deck, Majesty Lord Blaster, really is.

In anycase it seems next time I'm playing seriously, my Casual Decks (Neo Nactar and Raizers) have each only ever won 1 fight in any local in which they are used, and my next local may not be a long time coming at all. Depends if I go to town tomorrow or not, and I'm only going if it's to meet up with Shadow.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Royal Jokers?

I don't believe but it happened, Bushiroad actually did it. Blaster Blade has fallen to Void, but not only has he been Reversed, no no, that wasn't enough. Blaster Blade has been assimilated intothe Star-Vaders themselves. Introducing Blaster Joker.

I'm guessing this means that Binary Star got the boot.

But it's not just Blaster Blade that's turned to Link Joker. From Blaster Blade's Memories it seems that Link Joker acquired the data it needed to create clones of some of Blaster Blade's comrades from Royal Paladin.

Subjugated by The Clown's latest toy, a Berserker System, Blaster Blade and his Cyber Clones exsist now solely to destroy.

Star-Vader, Brave Fang
[AUTO]: Forerunner (When a unit of the same clan rides this unit, you may call this unit to (RC))
[AUTO](RC):[Put this unit into your soul] When an attack hits a vanguard during the battle that this unit boosted, if your vanguard is in Legion, you may pay the cost. If you do, choose up to two of your opponent's locked cards, and those cards cannot be unlocked during your opponent's next end phase.

Wingal is a victim of this Berserk Clone system and his Double would probably love nothing more than to sink his teeth into him. Except he can't feel plesure or enjoyment as the Berserker System only allows it's host to feel rage and nothing else.

Silence Star-Vader, Dilation
[AUTO]:When this unit is placed on (RC), if your vanguard is in Legion, and the number of locked cards your opponent has is two or more, search your deck for up to one card named "Star-Vader, Blaster Joker", reveal it to your opponent, put it into your hand, and shuffle your deck.

Gallatin's clone has a similar lare to Wingal's clone and his purpose is generally the same. Strange then that this clone ends up having a variation on a trumpeter skill instead of being a vanilla. On that we can safely assume based on this that Link Joker are not cloning Star-Call Trumpeter.

What's obvious though is that these two cards will not both work together in the same turn unless these Paladin Jokers have some type of superior call gimmick, but that isn't something Link Joker needs and I certain very few of us would actually welcome it.

With Seeker Alfred already confirmed for the film how plausable is it Link Joker will get an Alfred clone in the same set? I wouldn't like to say but then again, Strongest and Deadliest Ethics Buster were released in the same set.

I will be honest in saying though, I have concerns that we may not get the Movie Boosters in English, atleast not as Movie Boosters. Maybe as Extra Boosters but I doubt we'll have an English dub of the movie.

Even if we did, with the current quality of of the English dub for the series, that would be horrible in a movie. No thanks.

Anyway, that covers the new reveals I guess, not something I intend to do except for when something catches my eyes. In this case, the trigger that caught my attention was Brave Fang. Instantly recognised it as Wingal and wanted to know "why?"

All the details are on the cardfight wiki of you want to look at the lores, also the reaction over there is quite funny. I'm not providing a link as frankly if you care enough about Vanguard to stumble across this blog, then you should know the wiki already. 

Monday, 18 August 2014


Ok, so the reason why I haven't touched this blog is simply because I haven't worked out what to do with it. Then it hit me.
On the Cardfight Wiki I occasionally post blog entries entitled "Brave's Battles" Or I'll do segments that are "Brave's Buddies"  in either case these are entries of me retelling what has happened either during a day now finished or a weekend now past. Well no one really cares for that shit anyway so why not move it here?

The other thing is I will likely give my own opinion on a single card, a set or a potential deck in more detail than I'd bother to on the wiki. I have my own decks, as well as my freinds' decks that may be shared as material so in reality the possibilities ade endless. It's just ME. I've not realised that until about 3 minuets ago.

I may put some more advanced stuff in, at small amounts, but I am generally intending this to be just a casual thing. I'm not looking to help with Professional Play, if you want that, join V*Mundi. That's where we talk about the serious shit, and really, when you already have a full community that deals with professional and optimised play, you don't really need someone else providing the same service. Which brings me to my point. I forgot the key point of a blog. It's a public diary of a persons thought, opinions, factual ramblings or even may be used as a way to share news or get it out there to start with.

Also... Random Autobot Symbol. Cause why not.

Don't expect me to make sense, I have no intention to. Now I know what to actually DO with this blog, let's see if can atleast manage weekly updates, and if not then at least bi-weekly. Probably not as I'm more likely to post what I like when I feel like because I don't do schedules and time management. At least I can write an entry while offline.