Monday, 11 September 2017

It's been a while

Ok so quick catch up.

Triggerversary 3.
Format in the end was king of the hill, or basically winner stays on. Kaiser retained with Blue Waves without ever suffering a loss and loosing his title.

I used Omega and got utterly destroyed.

From the convention at which myself and a few buddies have our Triggerversary I picked up a few odds and ends.
Transformers Energon Wing Saber and Kamen Rider Double are the key notables.

I have since then put together Dominate and that I am still tinkering and fine tuning.

As for the reason I've not posted in so long, my laptop gave up the ghost. Until core tower is restored there's only the mobile app which limits my editing functions and restricts me to one photo oer post. I don't like those restrictions so don't expect much from me until I finally revive core tower. Probably with an Intel core this time instead of AMD.

Well V-Out.
Haven't said much but have said all I feel I need to for now.

I might post a bit via the app but I feel no inclination to write on such a limited platform.

Monday, 10 July 2017

Brave's Battles: The forgotten Battle Log

The Spring Season has truly finished having reached it's Climax with the USA Long Beach Calafornia Grand Fest and the crowning of Kenny Omega as the IWGP US Champion at the New Japan Pro Wrestling G1 Special taking place within the evenings of the same festival. I am curious how many card players there also attended the NJPW shows.

I am reminded that I never posted my experience from UK Huddersfield at which I played Weiss Schwarz and Futurecard Buddyfight. And also took a judge interview. Something that I feel I might have blown. I more certain about having my rulings down but I'm not so confident about my implementation of sanctions in given situations. In regards to the weekend though my memory is as bad as ever and I remember nothing any more other than I'm 1-1 vs some guy in Weiss and I want to settle that tie breaker should we meet again. But I am not without a back up- since I knew at the time I wouldn't remember what happened by the time I got home.

The following is the stitching together of several notepad sessions on my phone

Tournament Date: June 17th Wiess -18th Buddyfight and Luck & Logic

I entered into Weiss Swarchz piloting two copies of the original Love Live Trial Deck mashed together with a focus on raw power.

R1 Vs Angel Beats
Don't ask me how this game works never mind this deck, but I do know regardless of the match up that when you lose 6 of your 8 Climaxes in the first 12 cards of a refreshed deck- prepare to get rekt. - LOSS

Could have clinched this one, only needed a single damage further but I played a skill that checked top card of the deck and because I just revealed last card I habitually go into refresh when not supposed to creating a incorrect and irreparable game state. The situation here is automatic loss of match no point in calling a judge and wasting their time when the decision in such a scenario is already known. So yeah... would have won but due to idiocy I threw it away. :L LOSS

R3 Vs Cinderella Girls

Idols of a different aesthetic. I happen to like them- but I like BanG Dream more so if I ever actually invested in this game that might be the way I go, except it wouldn't as I'D RATHER GO SYMPHOGEAR BUT THERE'S NO ENGLISH RELEASE!!! I lost again btw.

? (Even the me making phone notes couldn't remember at the time)
Opponent wins I lose and then we both drop from the main tournament to enter into an 8-man Knockout Brackets side event pod for packs.

While we wait for the pod to reach the required player count I try my hand at Dragoborne and boy is it a mechanical mess. I understand L&L was a marketing disaster, this was mostly due to the art crashing against western ethics. But the game was mechanically solid, unlike this abomination having an identity crisis. It's very similar to L&L but at the same time inferior. The game board is already cluttered and then they add in dice elements on top of that increasing the random aspects of chance within the game. I don't see this product taking off and I myself will be avoiding any investment into it.

Side Event R1
Rematch with my Round 4 Opponent of the main tournament this time with me scoring the win.

Side Event R2 Vs Kancolle Abyss Fleet
Game was very tight with and amusing but as for the details of what happened when I'm drawing blanks. The loss meant I was out of the pod but I did recover my entry cost, then blew on packs of Luck and Logic which were heavily discounted due to it of course being a dead game.

Overall for Weiss 1-5

Day 2:

I was more serious about Buddyfight than I was with Wiess but even so my objective was to try and get that first nationals match win, I certainly don't have enough experience to even be on par with the mid-card but even if I get thrashed constantly for some reason I still get more enjoyment out of Buddyfight than Vanguard currently.

R1 Vs Thunder Empire
Or as I call it 5LifeDead.dek

Highly popular, made up the majority of the metagame in Huddersfeild.

In game 1 I successfully nullified a Battz call using Plasma-mine but even with that threat thwarted I couldn't sustain my defence, in part due to having Ridden X-Blazer the worst Ride I could have gotten.

In game 2 post Sideboard I was able to fend of many attacks but repeated aggression wore my defences thin and once through Battz came in, I had no answer to this and his double attack put me into impact kill range.

I hate Battz. That may be salt talking but the card just doesn't seem fair at all.

In any case, a LOSS is a loss.

R2 Vs Duel Yeager (Vs Hughes)

Round 2 pits me against someone I know and a deck I know- or rather thought I knew.
Considering how often I have fought Ancient World and even this deck itself I should have done better than what actually played out.
 I didn't expect to win Game 1 as my tools for handling walls are all stored in my sideboard and infact the sideboard is especially targeted at being Wall Hate. Unfortunately sideboarding your tools in only matters if you ever actually see those tools and I did not.
2 rounds in and 2 losses right of the bat and this was one match that I really wanted to win to.

R3 Vs Golden Buddy Sun Deck
I lost to a stock pre-con deck- I've got nothing. No comment just shame.

R4 Vs Dungeon Memes
I have no other means of explaining the deck other than memes.
I won round 1, bring in side board thinking I had a good idea what the opponent's deck did and this ended up being a mistake. I got swiftly destroyed by something entirely different from what I'd prepared for happening, and then realised shit I don't have an answer to this the same happened in game 3.

R5 vs Thunder Formation
 I was the second Hero World user this person faced and it seems Hero World had his number. I didn't feel like I actually did all that much myself but at the same time sucesffully sitting atop a wall of defence limited the number of attacks he could make each turn and I was able to output more damage than him because of it. Round goes 2-0 in my favour. I didn't use sideboard after the first win this time.

OBJECTIVE ACHIEVED but 1 round remained.

R6 Vs Dragon Trials
What I mean by that is ALL the Dragon World Trial decks mixed together to make... something...
I was facing off against Jank, jank that by all accounts successfully defeated me. But the opponent revealed they had the kill, chose not to play it.
I won Game 1.
In Game 2 he launched an all out attack I used Body of Steel to repel but he answered with Drago Energy brining the sum of his attack once level with my enhanced defence overpowering me and hitting the lethal.
Game 3 he could won, he got into Punisher Range, had the card and the guage, demonstrated that he had the win but didn't finalise the play opting instead pass the turn. I don't understand why but as I was shown mercy, I repaid the opponent by wiping them out.
Rule of competitive play: never show mercy. I could have conceded knowing I had already been beaten but I was offered the window so I took the kill. Strange episode that statistically I won, but truthfully I lost. So how am I supposed to record this?
I don't know, so I'll turn that question over to the reader to decide.

Depending on interpretation my final score for Buddyfight is either 2-4 or 1-5

In turn for means for the entire weekend I went either 3-9 or 2-10.
Still a dire record either way.

I do have a parting word to say and that is that the venue and staff were highly pleasant, honestly preferred this space compared to playing at Play Expo though we were technically playing a basement. The IQ Games Centre store is very neatly laid out and with 3 stories they are able to have War Games on the shop floor, where there's dedicated tables, while also running at least 2 other events at the same time. 1 large event could take place on each floor and that's impressive though I shudder to think about the rent.


V-Talks: Restriction Time

Restrictions List update has been announced and what do you know, Seven Seas rush has been hit once again, this time the damage incurred will see it dropped from popular use, if you could ever call it popular. The last wave the pirate crew rode was an absolute domination of UK Cardiff with 3 pilots attending and all 3 taking the top spots. I notice no public congratulations has been offered from Bushiroad in regards to this triumph, rather they silently published the results then announced the Summer restrictions update near immediately after.

Unlike most of the community who seem to despise the existence of rush, and especially 7 Seas take on it, I instead am fully willing to advocate the use of such strategies so to those who have piloted the list and topped with it, congratulations to you all.

Seven Seas Helmsman, Nightcrow is down to 1 copy per deck once we hit August but this doesn't mean the end for the deck, it can still function so don't jettison that seemingly dead weight yet- unless you wish for a disrupted coronation.
You don't want to do that.

In either case, aside from sacking out of a rush deck’s kill range these deck types are also vulnerable to Limit Breaks and Superior Stride where applicable, also in general susceptible to being beaten down by unrestricted cards, No Limit Break restriction, No Generation Break restriction, just active at all times.
These mechanical elements that while not frequently seen in the top decks of the game, your upper-card and main-eventers, there are more commonplace in the mid-card environment which in fact means the most dangerous phase of a tournament for rush deck is in the early phases where they are no seeds for pairing and the potential opponent pool is at it’s largest and most variable. This is something I find rather ironic, a deck type that abuses the developing stages of the game so effectively is also at it’s most vulnerable in that very same stage within tournament progression, before your upper, middle, and under cards ranks have been properly established.

The only truly severe harm rush causes is the damage to the current marketing as the strategy goes completely against the current design direction Bushiroad has in mind for the game of Cardfight!! Vanguard, as such it makes sense why they would not wish to actively promote the results from Cardiff, in which Seas Rush took 1st, 2nd AND 3rd, thus taking up all published list slots, but the evidence to me is that the flaw doesn't lie in rush existing- it proved so effective because no one in the UK expected a rush deck to be used here as such pretty much all the deck in the field were Gen Break restricted. The flaw rather is with the current design philosophy. Instead of adding more restrictions to cards the better solution if Bushiroad wanted to really bring about an upgrade would be to bring be dual phase units where they have skill x at all times but can unlock a skill Y once stride is in play but that is a fix that requires time and effort to implement, and would require several expansions before every clan was gotten around to.
  In contrast it is much quicker and easier to solve the problem as Bushiroad sees it by the way of the restriction hammer.
 I personally certainly won't call rush bad for the game or unhealthy, rush decks have their place in a game space alongside traditional Aggro, Control, and Combo all deck types are able to safely exist in a healthy design space.

The issue is in the balancing and how these decks types are able to interact with one another.
Rush decks are typically budget builds that focus on all out aggression from the go but as a result have a limited kill range window, usually around their 4th turn. After that the tide turns in favour of more traditional builds. This is fine. And even then there exists traditional decks that themselves can pressure strongly in the developing stages if required, a key example relevant right now would be Blasters.

I realise I've spoken about rush only generally up until this point I've not specifically talked about Seas Rush as a deck to which I will now admit there is an imbalance but it doesn't root from where almost everyone I speak to seems to think. Seven Seas Helmsman, Nightcrow is a fair card even in the terms of the rush deck. Most Rush decks their focus is on hitting for 16k-18k as fast as possible but as they often forgo utility to achieve this they lack reliable recovery. In this case making them expend more cards than they can restore makes sense, one means of doing this is in forcing them to keep adding further cards from hand to their board by taking out their support.

While this same premise is true in Seas Rush they can still make at least 3 attacks into the minimum target numbers of 11k+ with minimum physical expense, this is achieved through Seven Seas Master Swordsman, Slash Shade and Seven Seas Dragon Undead, Prisoner Dragon. Most people will point to Seven Seas Pillager, Nightspinal (pictured) as the card that makes Seas Rush the strongest rush and while it does help they are wrong to point at this card specifically the deck would still live on even if this asset was forcefully cut.

Think of the cost to revive the card. It's a discard cost. The player is still needing to drop hand to bring the card back from the dead, in a sense this is not much different to discarding to fill a gap- in fact that is exactly what is going on. Sure she can power up as other units also revive but she is a single attack, if all you were facing down was 3 attacks like most of any other rush you'd be under less pressure, but Seas Rush doesn't stop at 3 attacks, it can consistently mange 4-5 due to Slash Shade and Prisoner Dragon and as such it is these cards that are you targets to restrict in order to balance Seas Rush to be level with other possible Rush decks.

Ladies, Gentlemen and others I present to you the real offenders in this case!

And to fix them you don't even need to limit their deck count.
The solution here is Functional Errata, Buddyfight has shown it's willingness to do this and while a different R&D team works on that game it is a Bushiroad game so the precedent is there for such a fix to be applied.

The current wording on both cards is

When your vanguard with "Seven Seas" in its card name attacks,

The fix to this?

When your grade 3 or greater vanguard with "Seven Seas" in its card name attacks,

And just like that you can release Nightcrow as the combo he enables with Slash Shade in rush is shut down as for Seven Seas Apprentice, Nightrunner he might have to remain in his current situation all the same.

There's one other part of this list to discuss and that is Mick the Ghostie and Family.
A stand trigger that is staple in the Nightrose Granblue the thing with this card is the potential of resulting in a deck that will never run out. In essence an infinite loop though not on the level of Docteroid Refros or Cosmos Pixie, Lizbeth but even so infinite loops are bad. The very existence of them is an issue as opposed to Rush where it can exist in a balanced state. It's a hurt for Nightrose but it is far from being what could be considered crippling and is easily replaced in the deck.

Primary considerations to insert in your now 3 open slots would be Screaming Bnashee if going the way of keeping stands, this card enables the Hollow of another card on board upon entering play and when she herself dies due to hollow you draw a card to recoup your costs, however she does go to the bind zone preventing her from being used more than once. Or if you don't wish to put much thought into your replacements there's always more critical triggers to increase the decks killing power.

A notable exception from this English restrictions update that is on the matching Japanese list is that we have omitted Interdimensional Dragon, Hetroround Dragon. I would personally love to see this card hit but that's just bias against Gears due to being so damn bored of seeing them all the time- next I'll be saying that about Shadows. In any case this card staying around is fine in regards to the game in all honesty. It's limitation would open the flood gates for Wiseman Loop and I really don't want to be dealing with that, no one does. However from a marketing perspective it's freedom does create problems. Bushiroad is bringing further support for Deus Ex Machina, Demiurge in the immediate future, and so long as Hetroround lives that deck in turn can not. But if you want to build a Gear Deck around a completed gambit on the cheap it means that Deus Ex remains an option, just don't expect to do well with it against another Gears deck.

Monday, 29 May 2017

V-Talks: (Off-Topic) Budget, Formats, and Discord

I forgot to send the last post to social networking feeds it seems, whoops.

This is going to a general write up applicable to any game or hobby, simply sticking within your means.

You look around the TCG landscape and associated blogs aand boards you'll always see discussions about meta game and competitive play, but then look at the prices of those play environments and clearly they aren't for everyone, for one playing competitively isn't always affordable.

Now while I typically use GBP sterling when I quote prices due to being based in the UK this time around perhaps it is best to use US$ for my point.

Playing Pokemon standard competitively right now you're going to want to use Tapu Lele GX.
A card with a $33 market price on alongside this you're running Mew EX, which is Market Price of >$50 per sheet, (Though I think that card might be phasing out of Standard soon? I don't know the set rotation in Pokémon yet.)

With the most recent Mt:G expansion of Amonkhet, ok sure nothing is overly expensive with the most expensive in set card, Liliana, Death's Majesty only clocking in at $12.97 TCG Market Price but there's more than just Amonkhet in standard even so Magic's Starndard format has a low entry price compared to how it has been but it's still a fair amount of cash to enter competitively when you begin to add individual prices together.

Yu-Gi-Oh is having a rough transitional period as it moves towards what is being called Link Meta and it's hard to see what prices are going to be like when things stabilise but since the new mechanic of Link Summons is forced onto anyone still wishing to use extra deck gambit it it does mean that any good Links will be snapped up and in turn their prices rise up.

Vanguard, my own deck that I've build and updated over time, the current build values in at $400+ and it isn't among the best decks in the format, if you want those you have to go higher still. Even an entirely non viable casual deck right now can set you back $150+ depending on specific inclusion.

For that price you be playing a self contained card game plus ALL it's expansions. And don't even start me on the cost of building a Warhammer army.

My advice is simple, stick within your affordable means and additionally encourage your local game store to host formats that are affordable and welcoming for new players to a game like theme deck leagues in Pokemon, or sealed leagues in any TCG where such a format is functionally supportive. If you, or people you know want to get into a game or games but they can't afford the investment to stand up to veteran players then introduce formats that lowers everyone to fighting on the same playing field. It will prove to be more inclusive and possibly even prove to be more fun than what you may have been doing otherwise. Also if you can't afford to buy a board game for yourself make use of demo games that a store location may allow you to use while within the shop.

I wanted to say this to fill the silence between seasons and in the build up towards Huddersfield Weiss and Buddyfight and beyond that TFN2017 and the subsequent meet-up/indie tournament that takes place there.

Whilst I am here though I shall extend a hand to invite anyone interested to join me over in my own Discord space with a couple of the Brave's Buddies floating around there to.

No pictures involved in this post but really not needed either.
For now V-Out.

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Brave's Battles: Last Stage

We are done, 5 stages have been played. And when all is said and done I end at 6-16. -10.

23 people were in this stage, too many for me to get the meta breakdown and well I didn't pay attention to top 8 either as my focus by then was shifted to Buddyfight as now I must prepare for that instead. Yep I'm done with cardfight for now. Not for good, but my season is over.

To sum up the day.
Lost to Royals due to a misplay on my part in the developing stages that ultimately sealed my fate. Might have won otherwise.
Finally beat bugs.
Then took three losses in a row to go 1-4 for the day.
Missing stride turns in all three of those game even though round 3 was a long game which allowed for midrange tactics to come into play- even so that was played around quite geniusly by the opponent (using a Blademaster Deck) playing 4 Vague in the G-Zone instead of the expected 2. That was a nice meta call.

Well I'm off for now.

Sorry it is short and detail non-existent but right now I do not have much time.

I will say this though, the venue should know better than to have a judge also playing in the tournament. That same judge making the finals when they already had a Bye card.


Monday, 8 May 2017

Brave's Battles: New Build, Old Problems

After a month long break Stage 4 of the local Store Championships finally arrived, I needed to make top cut and probably even get to the finals or even win it to get my win ratio back into the black. I was 4-9 going in (-5) it was 4 rounds of swiss then top 8, I'd need a 3-1 to comfortably make top cut taking me to -3, so yeah I needed to win to break even on win ratio this time.

Swiss stars well, sort of- First Opponent is using Royal Paladin Brave. I miss first stride, even with Hawk it wasn't worth taking a stride with the hand I had, and this was also while having to ride Great Daiyusha. I do set up a Luarel board when I do eventually stride, after the opponent has used their first stride, Fides, via the typical Earth play. The Laurel misses the mark and is taken out on the next turn with Opponent's Brave's being active while building hand. My response to this hand was to try and hit the PG or No guard from a very large X-Lead, it worked out since opponent did indeed PG, but it was cancelled out thanks to Linka. This got me some momentum going and fueled my in hand resources. The following two turns after this were Phase 3 Maxons. This match went to time and to the end of the 3 turn rule without either player being defeated outright. Ultimately it came down to who had the most damage at the end of the 3 turns. 4 damage to 5 meant I won.

Round 2 - Luard
In a grind game Luard has the upper hand with a toolbox which I hadn't fully studied and wasn't prepared for. Opponent play pattern of Aurageyser, followed by Doomed doubled with Beliel Owl and Swordbreakers led to amassing a huge hand, big enough even that an attempted Break Ride Legion was no passed with ease even if all possible breaks occurred. This gambit having failed I held back my other attacks from swinging face to starve counterblasts, this didn't work because retiring Abyssal Owl ended up enabling a Spectral Blaster of which I couldn't block both times so I had to take the first swing. What I got was a triple crit in my face. Given those Owls kept filtering back to the deck though and the deck was slim I guess it isn't really a surprise.

Dark Irregular Darkness Blade Wings came next, opponent missed their ideal ride and a stride turn but the first stride they do score nets a triple critcal, an attack I couldn't guard because my only real option at the time was a Sentinel and he managed to ramp the soul high enough leading into the attack to lock that out.
1-2... feck.

Out of top 8 chance and not able to close the gap between my wins and losses.

To top it off last round SGD Blaster 16 crit. I didn't even stand a chance.

End score of 1-3

Sub Total 5-12 (-7)

There's now only one stage left and I am left unable to go into the green. I can get into black and make my win loss ratio over the 5 stages even but only if the final stage is atleast 4 swiss rounds and top 8 AND I win every round. With how things have gone for me this season thus far I don't see that happening.

Personal greivencies aside event deck breakdown

3 Luard
2 Robos
2 Angel Feather
2 Dark Irregular Blade Wing
2 Royal Paladin (1 Brave, 1 Blaster Sanctuary)
1 Gears
1 Tachikaze
1 Nightrose

1 Machining
1 Murakumo Magastu Hyakki

Top 8

Darkness Blade Wings

The Murakumo player used to be seen as the "joke" player, with his recent advances he's now on his way to being a serious contender. Good on you, mate. :)

It seems my down turn is balanced out by another rising star.


Tuesday, 11 April 2017

V-Talks: Generation Break 8

Oh boy. Let's have a word.
GB8, That's a tall order but if you get there, you gain access to the nukes it seems.

As of today we've seen two cards.
This is what the Flipping G-Guards were leading to, despite most of those being disappointing to say the least, I guess though that this is supposed to be the big pay off.

I'll talk Shadow's first then I'll talk justice.
Dark Knight, Ergan Welt

ACT (VC) 1/Turn Generation Break 8: [Counter Blast 1] Choose up to 5 of your Rear-guards, Retire them, search your Deck for a number of Grade 1 or lower cards up to the number Units Retired, Call them to separate (RC), during that turn, they gain Power+15000, and then choose a number of your opponent’s Rear-guards up to the number of Units Called, Retire them, then shuffle your Deck.

Cards you retire in Shadows will net different benefits and you're getting these benefits while at the same time cleaning house, after which you're going to have side lanes in the regions of 44k-46k each while the centre is pushing for 48? Overall power in the turn 138000 approx so let's say 26 stages of guard (5000 power shields) across 3 attacks. That a lot.

But then there's DP that is nothing other than RAW power.

Dimensional Robo Superme Commander, Ultimate Dai King
(Image up top)

AUTO (VC) Generation Break 8: When this Unit attacks the Vanguard, for each of your Rearguards, during that battle, this Unit gains Power+10000 & Critical+1. When that battle ends, if this Unit has 80000 or more Power, for each of this Unit’s Criticals, during that turn, your Rear-guards all gain Power+10000.

This unit can easily hit 80000 power with a full board.
26000 at base +10000*5(that's 50000) = 76000 so just a rearguard boost will count as enough to trigger the ability, but that's all best case scenario.

Even with Dimensional Robo in it's name the deck most please with this card is Gallop.
When you stride onto any of the two Gallops this unit will get +4000 off the bat with not cost need be paid. then it's a case of full board and swing with no additional hassles. Further more an attack from this card is an on-hit KO Laurel on Rear or no. The problem is surviving long enough to use it.

Looking at this card there's another that also comes to mind, Cosmic Hero Grandvolver and Bravest Rush, Grandgallop were obvious thoughts; one having built in crit while the other having resist and thus immunity to Denials.
But what if you could have both that critical and resist. For Grandvolver that's a matter of drive checking a critical trigger but to get both worlds with Bravest Rush Grandgallop we need to introduce a fourth card into the mix.

Lady Skylark

Burst-AUTO:[Counter Blast (1) & Soul Blast (1)] When this unit is placed on (RC), if your vanguard's [Power] is 30000 or greater, you may pay the cost. If you do, choose one of your other rear-guards, and it gets "CONT(RC):Resist" until end of turn. If your vanguard's [Power] is 40000 or greater, you may retire this unit. If you do that, the chosen unit gets [Power]+10000 until end of turn.

We only care about the first part of this card, Burst Phase 1 is immediately bought online when you stride a G-Unit on to a Grandgallop and with this a rearguard Bravest Rush Grandgallop will gain resist.

With this in mind I am of the opinion that Between Daiking and maybe X-Tiger aswell that the G-Zone can be shaped in a way that makes Lady Skylark a staple card in Gallop's main deck. The bad news is that she currently has no English Print but she will be a key card in bringing out the full threat that can be posed by Daiking. I guess you could also tech her in Robos but that deck likes to keep archetype pure for the most part.

EDIT: Forgot to mention this part.
Assuming full activation achieved is achieved
Vangaurd will be 83000 or 87000 probably latter so that's what we're going with.
Remaining attacks will between 133000 and 142000 (to possibly even more- but why would you need to it's already PG or die numbers.

Total board power 353000 power and that's even maximum potential. This is 71 stages of guard needed across three attack that is way more than the amount of guard available in a deck even if you add all the shield value in the deck together.

Now I realise I'm talking about the card here and not the main topic that the title promised so about that quick word.
So far from the few cards we've seen GB8 will yield powerful bombs which are intended to end the game.

But with clans racing for that same detonation button I have an issue to bring up.
I am about to bring up a pair of simple diagrams, the first is what Bushiroad advertises with the Flip G-Guards vs the second which what is more likely. In both Diagrams I provide a comparison against what Gears can do.

Bushiroad uses the lower section as their example for ramping towards GB8 with the 2 G-Guards at around turn 10 of the game coming from a G-Guard+Guard flip due to the action of a G-FC04 G-Guard. There's a major flaw with this suggestion even ignoring that many of the G-Guard are just underwhelming. The probability of seeing two heals by this time which would enable the second G-Guard is actually rather low.

Thus more likely to be accurate is the following diagram instead.

Gear Chronicle is able to utilise Gear Groovy in combination with other cards to Generation Break Ramp their way to GB8 as soon as their second stride, and they don't even need a G-Guard to have their GB8 safely active by their third stride so the appearance rate of heal triggers isn't a factor they need be concerned with. where as everyone else does.
The point of my bringing this to attention is to demonstrate that Gear Chronicle can reliably ramp to Generation Break 8 one turn earlier than any other deck- which in all actuality probably means the following.

Now I'm not saying that I don't like the Generation Break units we've seen so far but I just feel that they probably aren't worth picking up outside of playing for casual or locals where it is a mostly Tier 2 Meta.

Allegedly Nightrose is currently considered Tier 0 in Japan with Gears being tier 1 along one other deck. What this set may accomplish is turning Gear Chronicle into that Tier 0 deck while leading to the suffrage of everyone else even if all clans do end up with solidly strong Generation Break 8.

I like the concept of rewarding players that can last that long with exceptionally powerful units but I just don't see anyone but Gear Chronicle being able to reach a point of having reliable access to them.
We'll see where this goes but right now I have serious concerns and doubts.